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female human with messy wavy purple hair doing stanley kubrick stare, wearing a straight jacket, restraints, blue eyes, messy hair over one eye, interior asylum, fear, terror, scream, prisoner, dim lighting, intricate detail, unreal engine, octane render, detailed architecture, broken walls, 8k, hyper realistic, photo quality, black liquid streaming from eyes, --ar 16:9 --q 2 --upbeta
female human with messy wavy purple hair doing... [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1081Height: 606
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Prompt: purple haired punk in armor, by martine johanna and simon stalenhag and chie yoshii and casey weldon and wlop : : ornate, dynamic, particulate, rich colors, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, harper's bazaar art, fashion magazine, smooth, sharp focus, 8 k, octane render
Prompt: Kawaii Alita Battle Angel in an Extreme Gore Splatter Video Game, Hard Surface Modeling Style, Raphael Lacoste, Close up, Jean Nouvel, Ultra-Detailed Anatomy, Crimson, Ivan Albright
Prompt: masterpiece,smiling and crying,tears,blood spits in her face,lava veins in her face, monochrom, young female, graveyard background,rain, bright glowing pink eyes, dark room, melancholic, gloomy, happy, desaturated, dull, dim, filigree,intricate, crystaline, perfectionism, max detail, 4k uhd, messy hair, filigree, ornate, HQ, elegant, ornamental,decorations, embellishments,greyscale, long pink hair
Prompt: best quality, realistic, masterpiece, an extremely grungy and beautiful, extremely detailed , highres, extremely detailed, curvy, beautiful detailed girl, head and shoulder body, realistic, cyberpunk, beautiful detailed brown eyes, light on face, cinematic lighting, facial piercings, blue hair
Prompt: photorealism, hyperdetailed 8k resolution, film gothic art. Young Japanese girl facial tattoos, hair dyed in rainbow color