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cocoon inside a crystal ball
cocoon inside a crystal ball [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 244782120
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Prompt: Create  a picture of a man, a child  and a woman inside a dew drop shaped droplet of  water
Prompt: The universe in a snow globe
Prompt: Surreal art with depth defying absurdity
Prompt: tiny crystal orb sprouting rainbow light to the earth
Prompt: The universe in a snow globe
Prompt: The Milky Way galaxy encased inside a delicately filigreed clear spherical orb
Prompt: cocoon inside a crystal ball
Prompt: top water drop wallpaper, in the style of igor zenin, silver and green, raphael lacoste, stockphoto, rounded, george inness, sterling silver highlights
Prompt: cracked tessellated glass sphere stormy water iridescent orb planet bubbles clouds Canon Sony raytraced hurricane photorealistic
Prompt: galaxies in a snow-globe
Prompt: Glass sphere with a Solar Halos above a meadow, rainbow around the sun in clear sky, descending rainbows" a breathtaking artwork by Jean Baptiste Monge, Andree Wallin, Thomas Kincade, Geoffroy Thoorens, Krenz Cushart, Epic scale, highly detailed, clear environment, triadic colors cinematic light 16k resolution
Prompt: A bubble of air over a little girl's hand
Prompt: crystal sphere eminating from the last hole on mother earth
Prompt: Detailed 3D Blue Lightening with Storm clouds inside a glowing sphere, intricate details, hyperdetailed, hyperrealistic,  HD, CG, Night sky
Prompt: a retro album cover with water as the main element and an orb in the middle of the photo
Prompt: 100mm photo of isometric floating island in the sky, surreal {forest}, intricate, high detail, behance, microworlds smooth, macro sharp focus, centered
Prompt: a glass orb rolling off a shelf
Prompt: an isolated beach incapsulated in a bubble floating through space
Prompt: Sphere
Prompt: Dark, scary, otherworldly portal to another dimension, tall skinny monster standing in the opening