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lino print of women outdoor swimming
lino print of women outdoor swimming [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1841738220
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Prompt: Monkeys swimming in style of David Hockney
Prompt: dark and blue cover art for an alternative album named "Swim"
Prompt: "A being made of words and knowledge."
"A figure composed of flowing text."
"A physical embodiment of a language model."
"A humanoid figure with a book for a head."
"A figure with a brain made of words."
"A figure sitting at a desk with a pen, writing out words that become reality."
"A figure with hands that shape words into physical objects."
"A figure with eyes that see in text and symbols."
"A figure standing in a library, reaching out to touch the books."
"A figure made of light, with words and symbols flowing around it."
Prompt: abstract drawing with a sunset in black and white
Prompt: pen art of orca with waves behind it.
Prompt: No Background Wave Drawing
Prompt: make a bizarre sketch drawing of the Umibozu sea monster
Prompt: a doodle illustration of seaweed and beach with people black and white
Prompt:  Landscape Curved lines and circles
Prompt: one piece manga, linework, anime style, flat rock ground, sky, clouds, a man standing in the distance
Prompt: Monkeys swimming in style of David Hockney
Prompt: A bunch of friends sitting around a fire on a beach having fun drinking smoking with sea turtles sitting around with them. abstract art, Picasso painting style, sea turtles  moon, sun planets, ocean
Prompt: Leviathan, Space, Cthulhu, H.R. Giger, Black and White,
Prompt: Turn this photo into a picture of two children being attacked by a huge octopus-like sea monster in the style of lovecraft, but drawn in the cubist style
Prompt: Sea on fire black and white oil on water
Prompt: draw a simple black and white drawing of a girl winning a race with a group of people alongside