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Disney Pixar, exquisite new character, cute king Kong, highly detailed, fluffy, intricate details, beautiful big eyes, maximum cuteness, lovely, adorable, beautiful, flawless, masterpiece, soft dramatic moody lighting, radiant love aura, ultra high quality octane render, hypermaximalist, trending on artstation, Anna Dittmann, Tom Blackwell
Disney Pixar, exquisite new character, cute kin... [more]

Negative prompt

evil, ugly, deformed, malformed, psychedelic, hands, angry, boring, poorly drawn, low quality, psychedelic, surreal, logo, signature, weird colors, flawed, poor, naked, watermark
evil, ugly, deformed, malformed, psychedelic, h... [more]
Model: SG161222/Realistic_Vision_V1.3
Width: 576Height: 768
Scale: 10Steps: 69
Sampler: Euler ASeed: 739185596
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Prompt: Monkey Wobbly Bridge Isotopic Picture, Radio-Octane Art Station Renegade Forces
Prompt: full body, (a tribe of monkeys putting there hands on a giant stack of cash:1.2), (desert background:1.2) (highest quality, Alessandro Casagrande, Greg Rutkowski, Sally Mann, concept art, 4k), (analog:1.2), (high sharpness), (digital painting:1.1), detailed face and eyes, Masterpiece, best quality, (highly detailed photo:1.1), 8k, photorealistic, by jeremy mann, by sandra chevrier, by maciej kuciara, sharp, (perfect body:1.1), realistic, real shadow, 3d
Prompt: Caesar from planet of the apes realistic, cinematic, HDR, 16k,
Prompt: a monkey king having super powers, very strong, hyper detailed,4k,huge,background of a big huge castle, a shiny anime blue sward in hand