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sailing futuristic house inspired on log tree house
sailing futuristic house inspired on log tree h... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1363096948
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Prompt: sailing  flying futuristic house
Prompt: Fantasy house in a deep valley. It is art deco style combined with bauhaus. There are trees around it. A big pool with sliders
Prompt: sailing futuristic house inspired on bambu tree house
Prompt: sailing futuristic house inspired on bambu tree house
Prompt: house with wave concept architecture , beach , 
crystal clear water
Prompt: "Create a captivating digital artwork featuring a futuristic mansion perched atop the summit of a island mountain. The mansion should embody sleek, minimalist design, harmonizing with the rugged beauty of the mountainous landscape.

Position the mansion at the very top of the mountain, offering an unparalleled view of the entire island and the expansive ocean below. The island's terrain should be dramatic and steep, with the mansion's architecture integrating seamlessly into the natural contours.

Depict the scene during a moment of tranquility after a passing storm. Clouds should be dispersing, revealing a starlit sky. The ocean, still reflecting the storm's intensity, stretches beyond the island's edges. The mansion's interior lights should emit a soft, inviting glow, contrasting with the darkness of the surrounding landscape.

This artwork aims to capture the sense of elevation, luxury, and isolation, as the mansion stands as a testament to modernity while embracing the power and grandeur of the elevated natural world.
Prompt: sailing futuristic house inspired on imoka
Prompt: a house sitting on top of a cliff next to a body of water, architectural rendering, many exotic cars, inspired by Niyazi Selimoglu, trending on mentalray, intricate intense elegant, 2 0 2 2 photo, azure water, business surrounding, mountainside, turner piranesi, concept ard, modernist, stunning ski
Prompt: Create a multi-story house built into mountains. Waterfalls, Large windows. HyperRealistic. Modern architecture. 64k. UHD, HDR. ((Masterpiece))