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Hyperrealistic lion face with scratch on left eye, roaring angry
Hyperrealistic lion face with scratch on left e... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 203988533
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Prompt: Lion frontAl
Prompt: lion was angry on man
Prompt: A lion seeking hope and tranquility
Prompt: silhouette of lion. soft light.
Prompt:  Lion face , facial, angry, cinematic, low dark moon-light, professional, realistic, portrait, deep details, Capture the scene from a top perspective to provide a natural view.
Prompt: Dangerous lion  hyper realistic picture png
Prompt: an angry lion
Prompt: A male Lion, film photography, National geographic
Prompt: A lion has a golden-yellow fur coat and a muscular body. He has a thick mane of hair around his neck, and piercing golden eyes that command attention
Prompt: Hyperrealistic lion face with scratch on left eye, roaring angry
Prompt: Lion
Prompt: king infinity tiger, hyperdetailed, artstation, cgsociety, 4k, 8k
Prompt: fluffy mane, lion
Prompt: an angry lion
Prompt: laughing tranding smiling face lion fantastic colour
Prompt: Hybrid, lion, half sheep, half zebra, and half buffalo, 4k. realistic, with blood on its mouth, gore.
Prompt: A male lion, National geographic
Prompt: black lion king with fur from gold lightnings surrounded by epic forest, epic cinematic shot, sharp focus, hyperdetails, concept art, artstation, cgsociety, 8k, by magali villeneuve and raphael lacoste
Prompt: a tiger in a dark oak forest
Prompt: lion nemea, extremely detailed, hyper realistic, intricate details, volumetric lighting photo professional
Prompt: Vibrant colour ful lion realistic 4k 8k full body
Prompt: lion high quality unreal engine 8k close up realistic super glow magical
Prompt: In a magical savannah filled with wonders, an adorable, fluffy anthropomorphic lion queen with a pair of large ears and ultra-realistic reflective eyes was floating weightlessly through the savannah cabin. This ultra-detailed close-up portrait captured the essence of the cutest lion queen ever seen. The portrait was created using oil painting and octane render, giving it a magical and whimsical feel. The image was created in 3D with 8k resolution, making it so detailed that you could see every whisker on the lion queen's crown.

The artist who created this masterpiece was none other than Craig Davison, who collaborated with Alexander Jansson and Peter Paul Rubens to bring this chibi kawaii pirate lion queen to life. The lion queen's face was perfect, detailed, and delicate, with its large eyes stealing your heart at first glance.