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Eduardo Haselstrom

Eduardo Haselstrom


UHD, 8k, high quality, ultra quality, cinematic lighting, special effects, Very detailed, high detailed face, high detailed eyes, medieval, fantasy, D&D, oil painting, full view of chatacter, full body, zoom out, man, dwarf, strong, warrior, full body armor, holding a mace in hand
UHD, 8k, high quality, ultra quality, cinematic... [more]

Negative prompt

floating weapons, deformed, multiple characters, disfigured hands, blurred eyes, blurred face, extra limbs, extra legs, extra arms, face cut, extra arms, head cut off, with a extra fingers, extra arms, poorly drawn face, mutation, bad proportions, cropped head, malformed limbs, mutated hands, deformed hands, fused fingers, illustration, painting, drawing, art, sketch, cropping of head cropping of arms, cropping of legs, cropping of character, disfigured hands , jpg photo, sketch drawing, cropping of feet, distorted weapons, deformed weapons, no text, floating weapons, phantom weapons, spit weapons, split items, split guns, floating gun, ghost weapons, floating weapons, low res, error, cropped, worst quality, low quality, jpeg artifacts, out of frame, watermark, signature
floating weapons, deformed, multiple characters... [more]
Model: Lykon/DreamShaper
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 499961238
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Prompt: Dwarf god of the deep earth, fantasy concept art, ancient stone temple, mystical glowing runes, epic beard and braided hair, majestic hammer, earthy color palette, cinematic lighting, high fantasy, detailed armor and intricate engravings, divine aura, mythical, godlike, powerful presence, highres, ultra-detailed, fantasy, epic beard, earthy tones, mystical runes, cinematic lighting
Prompt: An old dwarven bounty hunter from the D&D,  in steam-punk armor, d&d artificer artillerist character, Lord of the Rings, Gimli, armed with a steam-powered rifle, rocket launcher on the right gauntlet, chainmail, full body character portrait, dark fantasy, bearded face, digital portrait, UHD, HDR, 8K, RPG, UHD render, HDR rendering, 3D render cinema 4D, cinematic light, high res intricately detailed complex.
Prompt: Face Portrait of a epic character male fifty-year-old dansk hero,  bodybuilder physique, Grey viking hair, tanned capri-pants armour "authentic viking clothes"  "white tunic" oil painting style, Norse style, Caravaggio Style, high quality, masterpiece,  highres, beautiful, handsome, biceps, UHQ  oil on canvas, cyan and brown, neon, inksplatter, acrylic painting, dynamic pose, belts,
sandals, architecture background, dramatic lighting, divine proportions
Prompt: full-body oil painting of a beautiful viking, with long white hair, wears hide clothing, sword in hand, stands upon a tundra, UHD, hd, 8k, Very detailed, style of Antoni Tudisco, Beeple, Jinhwa Jang, panned out view of character, zoomed out view of whole character's body is visible, character is centered, whole character in view, whole character is seen
Prompt: a fantasy dwarf in full armor  Colors and shades of of Black silver Steel predominate. A red cloth blindfold covers his eyes, His armor is covered with a red tabard, a large powerful flanged mace is in his hand. blonde hair and beard, long red cloak, beautiful real color, sharp focus, studio shot, character portrait, fantasy concept art, masterpiece, expert, extreme details, 4k resolution, dynamic lighting, Splash art, trending on Artstation, Unreal Engine 5, by Greg Rutkowski and Jean-Baptiste Monge and Alphonse Mucha professional photograph perfect viewpoint, highly detailed, wide-angle lens, hyper realistic, with dramatic sky, polarizing filter, natural lighting, vivid colors, everything in sharp focus, HDR, UHD, 64K, digital painting
Prompt: Portrait of a dwarven merchant in a Middle East-inspired fantasy city. He wears elaborate clothing made of kashmir. Full-body shot, highly detailed, character illustration, 8K.
Prompt: dwarf ranger, huge axe, plate mail, white beard, by Wayne Reynolds