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Tree of Life
Tree of Life [more]
Made by: Creative variations
Subject Description: Tree of Life
Similarity: Very creative
Style: Digital Art
Width: 432Height: 768
Seed: 833316686

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Prompt: UHD, , 8k,  oil painting, Anime,  Very detailed, zoomed out view of character, HD, High Quality, Anime, , Pokemon, Vileplume is a roundish indigo bipedal Rafflesia-like Pokémon with a roundish flower on its head and rudimentary hands and feet and It has beady red eyes and a small mouth, and its head and torso are a single joined segment. On its head is a massive red flower with five bulky petals and an orange-brown center. Vileplume's flower is said to have the largest petals in the world and is almost too heavy for the Pokémon itself to support. The rounded petals of the flower are red and covered with white spots. 

Vileplume can shake, flap, or burst its petals into bloom with a bang in order to release clouds of pollen. This pollen is yellow and highly allergenic to humans, and toxic to other Pokémon; Vileplume uses it to paralyze its prey before devouring it. The larger the Vileplume's petals are, the more potent the toxin on its pollen is. Vileplume's behavior of flapping its petals also makes very loud noises.

Pokémon by Frank Frazetta
Prompt: Vivisteria Flowers movie  Elemental.
Prompt: Beautiful creation
Prompt: Large blooming ((iridescent ((((lotus flowers)))) by Sho Murase , Elsa Beskow ))) indigo berry cream peach silver petals, glowing translucent ((seed pods) by ((Noah Bradley, John Berkey)), (background theme) Twisted ancient fractal virus, glowing translucent ribbons, made of thin biological membrane, 3d textures, DNA,  infinite depth, galactic starfield, ultra realistic, high index of refraction, (bioluminescent sea angels) ((sparking fibre optic cables))((by M.C. Escher, J.R. Slattum, Howard David Johnson)) hyper realistic elegant smooth sharp clear edges, global illumination, smokey sky, fBm clouds, sunlight and shadows, sharp focus, wide angle perspective, cinematic, ultra realistic, sense of high spirits, electrical tension, sparks, global illumination, volumetric fog, volumetric lighting, occlusion, Houdini 128K UHD fractal, pi, fBm
Prompt: Luna moth made out of Sequins
Prompt: Beautiful female, fractal freesia, landscape, taken using a canon EOS R5 camera with a 50mm f/1.8 lens, f/2.2 aperture, shutter speed 1/200s, ISO 100 and natural light, Hyper realistic photography, cinematic, hyper detail, High Definition, color correction, high resolution, color grading
Prompt: crystal rose ((flower))
Prompt: Rosy moth made out of Sequins
Prompt: esfera van gogh cubo mandala dali flor
Prompt:  Insanely detailed hyperrealistic close-up portrait painting of a beautiful Lily flower with dew drops in natural state; Appearance: Majestic petals with intricate veins, delicate pistils, shimmering dew drops, and soft leaves; Genres: Realism, Nature; Styles: Hyperrealism, photorealism;
Prompt: Decorative poster, of a vase of lilies, in the style of Alphonse Mucha
Prompt: An iris. The Lord is my shepherd.
Prompt: A beautiful flower that does not exist in the artistic world (like a micro camera)
Prompt: The poetic side of purple
Prompt: lovecraftian style rose flower
Prompt: glass blown lovecraftian style butterfly
Prompt: fantasy translucent glass that is glowing, in a large flower, beneath the stars, bioluminescent, high res, best quality, concept art
Prompt: Pastel Luna moth diorama in the style of Lisa frank