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Prompt: Girl wearing coveralls with highly detailed face sitting in a chair working on a robotic head in a lab, low hanging lights, blue lighting, garden plants, highly detailed, work of art, realistic
Prompt: A elegant Asian 15 years girl with a antisocial t_shirt is reading in front of a table with a iPad
She is healthy, good looking, and confident with bright eyes and good-shape face
Prompt: A asian ai college girl sitting a chair with a beautiful face
Prompt: A girl sitting On the chair with Laptop
Prompt: beautiful, 4k
Prompt: The Korean girl who is playing Xbox has yellow hair
Prompt: a pic of me on a website that I can speak with AI on
Prompt: An Asian college girl is sitting in front of an Apple laptop and doing her homework in a standard American college single dorm room. She has a candle on the shelf on her desk. She has a little plant on the desk.
She has black wavy hair and wears a baggy, olive-green sweatshirt and beige shorts. She also wears warm slippers for winter and fluffy socks.
Prompt: Behind the scenes of a female modeling photography shoot , Nikon D3100 | ISO 450 | focal length 50 mm (Sigma 50mm f1.5) | aperture f/4 | exposure time 1/250 Sec (DRI)