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streetart with freaks
streetart with freaks [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: NoneSeed: 1832752771
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Prompt: "Fading cracking painting of a beautiful face on an old wall, textures, intricate cinematic"
Prompt: A painting of a clown in a circus. grungy, abandoned, apocalyptic, street art
Prompt: black dogs in gangster clothing graffiti
Prompt: <mymodel> ancient street art
Prompt: <mymodel>spraypainted graffiti of chubby girl in the style of Andy Warhol and Botero
Prompt: Skull with clown face paint. grungy, colorful, graffiti, super detailed, vibrant, gritty, street art
Prompt: street art hip hop buddha shopping mall
Prompt: streetart with freaks
Prompt: graffiti, street art, painted graffiti on walls on the theme of despair and happiness
Prompt: young female portrait| centered| key visual| intricate| highly detailed| in the graffiti style of street art| vibrant| comprehensive cinematic|
Prompt: graffiti, street art, painted graffiti on walls on the theme of despair and happiness
Prompt: streetart with freaks
Prompt: a-highly-detailed-beautiful-portrait-in-the-style-of-graffiti-street-art no background
Prompt: red bull hotdog by mick robinson, in the style of street art photography, grotesque characters, cryptopunk, dripping paint, canon eos 5d mark iv, energetic gestures, cartoon-inspired pop
Prompt: I need an idea for a mural for a thrift shop, to cover the main wall. It should be around 1.5x1.5 meters and I imagine it abstract with elements of street culture, inclusivity and cages (because it is called cage thrift). These elements should be very subtle and the main aspects of the mural. The main colours should be red black and white.
Prompt: a-highly-detailed-beautiful-portrait-in-the-style-of-graffiti-street-art
Prompt: a clown surrounded by skulls. grungy, colorful, graffiti, street art
Prompt: a-highly-detailed-beautiful-portrait-in-the-style-of-graffiti-street-art
Prompt: Truth about Graffiti Art between Hatred of Art?