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Grotesque vizier in Arabic palace
Grotesque vizier in Arabic palace [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 576Height: 1024
Scale: 8Steps: 75
Sampler: Seed: 992694382
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Prompt: arabic male guard in black and red uniform, golden armor elements,  face masked with a red scarf, Art by Stanley Artgerm, Charlie Bowater, realistic, 32k, high resolution, 30mm lens, ISO 100, high detail, warm lighting, desert surrounding, intricate artwork masterpiece, ominous, golden ratio, tsharp focus, intricate details, highly detailed
Prompt: Create an AI art representation of Erlik Khan, a figure from Turkish mythology. Depict him with features inspired by the tales, presenting a solemn and commanding presence. Emphasize his connection to the underworld and afterlife. Clothe him in regal attire that reflects both authority and mystery. Utilize a color palette inspired by the mythological context, capturing the essence of Erlik Khan's significance in Turkish folklore.
Prompt: i am a king and sitting on a crown chair and in the background was write khokhar sahib
Prompt: Saruman, in full body, in photorealistic style, but he is wearing indain outfit, in the middle of a heavily indian decorated house.
Prompt: Full body, Fantasy illustration of a male arab groom, 30 years old, long ponytail, traditional Arab garment, grumpy expression, high quality, rpg-fantasy, detailed, in a Arabian style horse stable
Prompt: Hindu saint
Prompt: A genie comes out from the magic lamp
Prompt: Hyperrealistic art, 
best quality, 4k, 8k, highres, masterpiece:1.2), ultra-detailed, (realistic, photorealistic, photo-realistic:1.37), 
Moroccan old man, 
High detailed ,Extremely high-resolution details,Realistic,Realism more detail XL darka