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Nostalgia Aesthetic
Nostalgia Aesthetic [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 886877293
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Prompt: interior grand parliament, neo-noir near future style, painted by greg rutkowski, with baroque and roman imperial features. painted on oil HD
Prompt: speech  in modern roman senate
Prompt: Opulence
Prompt: Satanic Blood Orgy of Jehovah's witnesses colorful & disturbing image. HD, UHD, Perfect Faces, Perfect anatomy, Award winning
Prompt: party conference in washington d.c. controlled by communists in alternative history in which united states lose cold war
Prompt: Grand Hall inside of a palace Spanish classical architecture with a gilded throne in the center. Anime art style. Warmer color scheme. Beautiful. Wooden and bamboo. Banners. Busy. Ghibli anime style. Very colorful and vibrant
Prompt: conservative party congress roman plenary session steampunk
Prompt: A painting of an orchestra in a big beautiful wooden performance hall. This will be my computer background so make it the right dimensions please.
Prompt: Fantasy ballroom with ethereal lighting, grand chandeliers, intricate architectural details, large open space, high-ceilinged, opulent decor, ethereal atmosphere, 4k, HDR, detailed materials, grand fantasy, extravagant, spacious, high-quality, ballroom, opulent, ethereal lighting, intricate details, architectural beauty, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: conservative party conference roman plenary session steampunk
Prompt: roman senate futuristic meeting alternative history
Prompt: party congress communists  roman alternative history
Prompt: communist party congress roman plenary session
Prompt: A large ornate hall in a palace in night  europe
Prompt: masonic temple during a freemasonry meeting for a ritual
Prompt: portrait of senator giving speech  in sci-fi roman senate alternate history
Prompt: Movies
Prompt: Religion: The Melodic Faith
Description: The Melodic Faith is a religious belief system in Harmonia that places great importance on the power of music and the vibrations of sound as conduits of divine energy. Followers of the Melodic Faith engage in melodic rituals, musical performances, and exploration of the spiritual resonance of sound. They seek to create and appreciate harmonious frequencies, believing that music can be a path to spiritual connection and enlightenment.
Prompt: photorealistic picture of  parliamentary meeting in an alternative history in which the colonies lose american revolution
Prompt: baroque inspired Congolese architecture with precolonial congolese art inspiration and Congolese minerals, volumetric natural light, ultra realistic, vray,  hd
Prompt: conservative party congress roman plenary session steampunk
Prompt: A color very photo realist Victorian era large crowd is facing 
toward the viewer at a stage in a theater. A man in a black suit is standing before them in the foreground.
Prompt: Parliamentarians are panicking inside the legislative council's chambers, 19th century line drawing
Prompt: View of an arena, chronicles of Riddick Style, perfect composition, hyper realistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, trending art, trending on art station, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed