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Prompt: Druss the legend, snaga, barbarian, fighting, battle, deathbringer
Prompt: Eddie from Iron Maiden as a minotaur
Prompt: Eddie from Iron Maiden as a minotaur
Prompt: dungeons and dragons standing brown bugbear in a black armor with blue trim
Prompt: Valse Champion Deadeye in monster minotaur art style
Prompt: Minotaur Barbarian Wild Magic class he is 7 and a half feet tall has leather straps across his chest carry's 2 Javelins on his side along with a Greataxe on his back with a Sickle hanging next to his Javelin he has big muscles along with big sharp horns
Prompt: A full figure of a big male muscled minotaur with (a bull head) , his own fur is light brown and has two majestic horns. (He wears a leather armor and holds an axe). 
Well draw face, detailed, d&d art, rpg art. 2d art. 2d.