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Model: jim EIDOMODE


(delightful anatomy:1.1), (gloomy illumination, insane, stunning, dramatic, completed artwork, HQ:1.1), (Apterus anatomy, Dan mumford style:1.2), Environment fountain with goddess statue with luminescent symbols ::gothic style fully developed castle :cinematic, raining, night time, detailed, epic , concept art, Matte painting, shafts of lighting, mist, photorealistic, concept art, volumetric light, cinematic epic rule of thirds, movie concept art, 8k, cinematic, trending on artstation, movie concept art, cinematic composition , ultra detailed, realistic , hyper realistic , volumetric lighting , 8k
(delightful anatomy:1.1), (gloomy illumination,... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1360Height: 2048
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