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futuristic robot girl laying on a chair, in the style of 8k resolution, intricate costumes, android jones, epic portraiture, unreal engine 5, gray and gold, solarizing master
futuristic robot girl laying on a chair, in the... [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1456Height: 816
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Prompt: futuristic-retro futurism style, light brown skinned princess, elaborate yellow, gold, honey colored fantasy wedding gown, cyberpunk server room, thin, tall white bald man, magical appearance, surprised expression, elaborate gown details, high quality, detailed, fantasy, retro-futuristic, princess, cyberpunk, server room, rich color tones, dramatic lighting
Prompt: Artificial Intelligence gold body
Prompt: futuristic human body that looks like a robot, in the style of dark silver and dark blue, detailed facial features, daz3d, made of insects, circuitry, kintsugi, photo taken with nikon d750
Prompt: Portrait photo of a beautiful female cyborg in the early 1920's film photography style. Has minor musical details. Medium shot.
sci fi motherboard structure on crowning napoleon painting and digital billboard in between, unreal engine 5, spanner, octane, artstation trending, ultra realistic, cinematic, 8k, 16k, zaha hadid style , in the style of nanospace michael menzelincev , in the style of Lee SOUDER, colors in the style of Blade Runner 2049, in plastic, dark, tilt shift, in 8k
Android Woman Portrait, Futuristic Background Seamless Composition, Hyper Realistic, Super Detailed, 8k, High Quality, On Trending Art, Trending on artstation, Sharp Focus, Studio Shot, Intricate Details, Highly Detailed, by greg rutkowski
Prompt: {{{{highest quality absurdres best stylized award-winning digital painting cybernetic high-futurism stylized character concept  masterpiece ultra-sharp with perfect raytracing}}}} of hyperrealistic intricately hyperdetailed wonderful stunning beautiful gorgeous cute lifelike posing feminine 22 year {{{{dancing cybernetic robot machine ballerina}}}} with {{hyperrealistic hair}} and {{hyperrealistic perfect beautiful lifelike eyes}} wearing {{hyperrealistic perfect high-futurism cybernetic robot machine ballerina outfit}} with deep visible exposed cleavage and abs in a hyperrealistic intricately hyperdetailed fitting background with perfectly fitting atmosphere, best elegant raytraced octane behance cinema4D rendered stylized epic poster art splashscreen videogame trailer character portrait photo closeup {{hyperrealistic stunning cinematic ultra-sharp high-futurism style with lifelike skin details and reflections}} in {{hyperrealistic intricately hyperdetailed perfect 128k highest resolution definition fidelity UHD HDR superior photographic quality}},
hyperrealistic intricately hyperdetailed wonderful stunning beautiful gorgeous cute natural feminine lifelike face with romance glamour soft skin and red blush cheeks and perfect cute nose eyes lips with sadistic smile and {{seductive love gaze directly at camera}},
hyperrealistic perfect posing body anatomy in perfect epic cinematic stylized composition with perfect vibrant colors and perfect shadows, perfect professional sharp focus RAW photography with ultra realistic perfect volumetric dramatic soft 3d lighting, trending on instagram artstation with perfect epic cinematic post-production, 
{{sexy}}, {{huge breast}}
Prompt: afrofuturistic muse, digital , scifi, futuristic, utopian, , embellished beautiful body, dynamic lighting, digital art, wires, circuits, highly detailed, soldier cinematic, gothic, highly detailed and intricate, rich deep colors, phoenix mythology
Prompt: female robot woman with blue eyes using an electronic hand, in the style of realistic hyper-detailed portraits, baroque sci-fi, light gold and azure, photo-realistic, cyberpunk manga, mechanical realism, captivating realism --ar 128:73 --v 5.2
Prompt: 8K photo, cinematic, retro sci-fi, steampunk robot|cyborg woman with ((human head and mechanical robot body)), machine arms with exposed wires and gears, electric heart, beautiful face, blue eyes, blonde hair, clockwork gears, brass, glass, wires, top hat, standing in a steampunk control room, gauges, buttons, levers, high detail.
Prompt: In a wide photo, a female cyber human is captured in intense close-ups at her desk, emphasizing the realistic hyper-details of her white and gold costume. Rollerwave patterns are evident in the surroundings, and the robotic design elements give her a futuristic appeal. The image replicates the effect of a topcor 58mm f/1.4 lens.