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Scott Hinojosa

Scott Hinojosa


an intricate dragon girl exoskeleton, 3d, Splash art, front, epic Instagram, artstation, hyperdetailed intricately detailed, intricately detailed full helmet, unreal engine, fantastical, intricate detail, splash screen, complementary colors, Sci-fi concept art, 8k, heavy strokes, splash arts, full height, full body,
an intricate dragon girl exoskeleton, 3d, Splas... [more]

Negative prompt

sketch, duplicate, ugly, huge eyes, text, logo, monochrome, worst face, (bad and mutated hands:1.3), (worst quality:2.0), (low quality:2.0), (blurry:2.0), horror, geometry, bad_prompt, (bad hands), (missing fingers), multiple limbs, bad anatomy, (interlocked fingers:1.2), Ugly Fingers, (extra digit and hands and fingers and legs and arms:1.4), ((2girl)), (deformed fingers:1.2), (long fingers:1.2),(bad-artist-anime), bad-artist, bad hand, extra legs,
sketch, duplicate, ugly, huge eyes, text, logo,... [more]
Model: prompthero/openjourney-v2
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 11Steps: 25
Sampler: Euler ASeed: 1989124048
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Prompt: {{{{highest quality full body splash art masterpiece, hyperrealistic, hyperrealism, {{female character}}, intricately hyperdetailed, hyperrealistic intricate details, muscular fitness female body, wet with sweats all over her body, perfect face, perfect body, thick hairy armpits, perfect anatomy, perfect composition, approaching perfection, Ancient elves city Lothlórien background setting, Norse Tattoo,

  full body of seductive attractive beautiful gorgeous cute stunning 
 feminine menacing villain, 22-year-old queen of the high elves'  with {{long blonde twirly hair}} 
 and {{warm blue eyes}} and seductive attractive beautiful gorgeous cute stunning 
 feminine face wearing {{silver bra armor and shorts}} with deep exposed cleavage and visible abs, 
cinematic glamour lighting, 
volumetric lighting, 
dramatic lighting, 
studio lighting, 
3d lighting, 
long shot, 
professional photography, 
unreal engine octane render, 
trending on artstation, 
front view, 

sharp focus, 
{{huge breast}}

Prompt: Portrait of A beautiful harpia woman, wearing warrior Intricate legendary Golden armor, beautiful redish gradient iridescent feathers, sharp focus, intricate, majestic, highly detailed, elaborate, cinematic, digital art, lens flare, octane render, fantasy,  in the style of Peter mohrbacher, tom bagshaw, david palumbo, Jacek yerka, Robert Oxley, android Jones, Georgia O'Keeffe, Anato Finnstark
Prompt: Full body shot of stunning, beautiful woman Hera: goddess of women, temple background, dynamic pose, perfect detailed face, detailed symmetric hazel eyes with circular iris, realistic, stunning realistic photograph, 3d render, octane render, intricately detailed, cinematic, trending on art station, Isometric, Centered hyper realistic cover photo, awesome full color, hand drawn, dark, gritty, Mucha, Klimt, Erté 12k, high definition, cinematic, neoprene, Behance contest winner, portrait featured on Unsplash, stylized digital art, smooth, ultra high definition, 8k, unreal engine 5, ultra sharp focus, intricate artwork masterpiece, ominous, epic, Tanvir Tamim, trending on art station, by artgerm, h. r. Giger and Basinski, highly detailed, vibrant, 8k
Prompt: Gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, otherworldly toned muscular angelic aasimar goddess with long braided hair wearing ancient fantasy clothing, elegant posing, full body, centered, fantasy setting, character concept, cinematic, colorful background, concept art, dramatic lighting, highly detailed, hyper realistic, intricate sharp details, octane render, smooth, studio lighting, trending on art station, 8k, HDR, unreal engine, emotive, cgi, animated, character art, iridescent, metallic, epic fantasy, dark fantasy, 3D game
Prompt: Holy, Radiant, Majestic, 3D, HD, Cinematic lighting, (Beautiful {biblical angel}Female, {liquid}gold silver jade ivory sapphire), expansive heavenly background beautiful dark chaos, hyper realistic, 8K --s98500