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biomechanical horror landscape, madness, horror style. over detailed, hyperrealism. Art by Ed Repka and Dan Seagrave
biomechanical horror landscape, madness, horror... [more]
Model: prompthero/openjourney-v2
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 2132209141
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Prompt: A detailed illustration of island
 ,oil painting, horror, dark background, torture, gore, sadistic, disgusting, dramatic lighting, hd, ultra detailed with medieval style
Prompt: Beyond the Void by Zdzisław Beksiński, beautiful d&d character portrait, dark fantasy, detailed, realistic face, digital portrait, intricate armor, fiverr dnd character, wlop, stanley artgerm lau, ilya kuvshinov, artstation, hd, octane render, hyperrealism
Prompt: treant spirit, magic the gathering, greg rutkowski, artem, great quality, masterpiece, HD
Prompt: cataclysm, hallucinations, surreal, coarse details, non-figurative patterns, distorted shapes and forms, distorted vision, irregular, chaos, 8K
Prompt: chimerical dream of a nation of images where words unravel
Prompt: Densely tangled forest branches by Shaun Tan and Eywind Earle, trending on artstation, evocative, highly detailed. japanese Art ,  Symbolism, Ornamental, Brad Kunkle highlydetailed, close up
Prompt: fantasy, lovecraftian creature, horror, alien squid hybrid, dark eyes, polymorph, 4k, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by clint langley,, overgrown post apocalyptic,
Prompt: majestic tree being burnt by a devious kraken
Prompt: Twisted to a random reality and perspective of humanity and hate?
Prompt: fantasy art style, dystopian, ants, fire ants, giant ants, bullet ants, aliens, outer space, ant nest, underground, giant, giant ant nest, subterranean, evil, red lights, dark
Prompt: In the dark of the night terror will find you, detailed scene, digital painting, hyperrealistic, fantasy, Surrealist, by Ciro Marchetti and Stanley Artgrem Lau, artstation, highly detailed, sharp focus, wide angle shot, sci-fi, stunningly beautiful, dystopian, decaying metal, rust, black, cinematic lighting, dark
Prompt:  (masterpiece, ultra high res, intricate:1.4), colossal tree defying nature's wrath, (rising from the depths of the sea:1.2), (towering above the raging waves:1.2), (massive trunk showcasing centuries of resilience:1.2), (exposed roots extending like tentacles:1.3), (dark storm clouds hovering above:1.1), (rain pummeling the surroundings:1.2), (lush green canopy defying the turbulent environment:1.2), mesmerizing attention to detail revealing the tree's indomitable spirit, each droplet and leaf painstakingly rendered, an allegory of strength and unyielding endurance.
Prompt: monochrome, H.R. Geiger, beksinski, alien jungle, dense, hellish, monsters, trees, lava
Prompt: chaos
Prompt: create this character: Xanar is a servitor, an otherworldly being created and summoned by a practitioner of occult arts. Standing at seven feet tall, Xanar's physical appearance is an intricate combination of elegant and grotesque features. Its body is composed of a shifting, ethereal substance that constantly undulates with an otherworldly glow. Xanar has four long, slender limbs that end in delicate, almost translucent hands with sharp, needle-like fingers.
Prompt: azathoth the the blind idiot god
Prompt: Giant sentient ent with glowing red eyes, roots consuming a fantasy village, terrifying, godlike stare
Prompt: ((masterpiece, best quality)),A detailed 8k closeup photograph of an abstract and dream-like sculpture/architecture made out of spruce wood and in-between the cracks in the wood is a portal to space,ultra realistic, concept art,((highly detailed)), geometric shapes, impossible shapes, confusing