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Photo black and white anthropomorphic cat detective wearing long coat in dark alley
Photo black and white anthropomorphic cat detec... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1723309246
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Prompt: A photorealistic steampunk sloth, dark clothing with many embellishments, monocle, walking through Victorian London, artgem
Prompt: a close up of a person wearing a costume, skinny male magician, clockwork mechanical, black on white line art, westworld style, image on the store website, painted face, silver skin, security agent, stylised, desert circus, without text, antasy character, gatekeeper
Prompt: a teddy bear dressed as Sherlock Holmes with a long wool coat and detective hat, holding a magnifying glass. he is surrounded by an old cobblestone city background.
Sherlock Holmes cosplay+mystery+ detective <mymodel> the dimensions should be 10.312” W x 3.875” H.
Prompt: monochrome, city, cybernetic, christian bale, skinny, anorexic, starved, catholic priest, fur hat, gothic, scifi
Prompt: old timey detective locked in a freezer
Prompt: Black and white film noir detective in a dark alley with bullet wound
Prompt: Black and white film noir detective in a dark alley with bullet wound
Prompt: A huge, muscle covered sasquatch wearing a top hat, & a formal red suit-tie on his neck, & carrying a briefcase, in a city.
Prompt: evil, fantasy, UHD, 8k, high quality, hyper realism, Very detailed, portrait of an skull man wearing a top hat and a black suit in a dark background
Prompt: B&W Vintage, Menacing looking cat smoking a cigar, pin striped suit, villain, 1920s gangster cartoon
Prompt: A character inspired by Beetlejuice, face clear with black skull makeup around eyes and mouth, wearing his iconic striped suit and hat, with wild hair and exaggerated facial features.
Art Style: Cartoonish grotesque
Art Inspirations: Tim Burton, Ralph Steadman, Robert Crumb
Camera: Wide angle
View: Bird's eye view
Resolution: 4K
Detail Level: Highly detailed
Lighting: Soft light, with warm tones
Color Scheme: Bright and contrasting, with pops of red and blue
Render Related Information: Line work, cel shading, flat colors
Prompt: random movie still from a donald duck real life movie black and white
Prompt: An Anthropomorphic big old Golden Retriever dog is Mr. Lucky is  wearing dressed business officer in great depression london 1934, Mary poppins returns animated style
Prompt: Jack the ripper looking down. face invisible at night almost black. Extreme realism. Hat covering his face