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Water [more]
Made by: Creative variations
Subject Description: Water
Similarity: Very creative
Style: Default
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Prompt: futuristic ominous underwater liminal image
Prompt: underwater scene of a rocky creek
Prompt: First person view of bubbles of ligth in deep dark ocean with left hand tring cach the ligths
Prompt: Expansive Blue Ocean. Explosion underwater. Blue sky with large puffy rain clouds of different sizes and shapes.
natural lighting, long shot, pov.
Prompt: In the tranquil embrace of the underwater realm, a small turtle hatchling embarked on its journey, guided by the dappled sunlight that filtered through the water's surface. The gentle waves above cast shifting patterns of light and shadow, creating an ever-moving tapestry that painted the ocean floor.

As the baby turtle swam with delicate strokes, the play of light danced upon its tiny shell, creating a shimmering mosaic that seemed to celebrate its innocence and resilience. The waves above, visible from this submerged perspective, were like graceful ripples in a distant dream, reminding the turtle of the world it was destined to explore.

The sunlight, refracted by the undulating water, illuminated the hatchling's path with a soft, radiant glow. Each movement was a testament to the turtle's instinctual connection to the sea, its flippers propelling it forward with a sense of purpose. The surrounding currents swayed gently, guiding the turtle through this aquatic wonderland.

As the hatchling navigated through the underwater world, it was as though time itself slowed down, allowing it to savor every moment. The scene was a harmonious blend of nature's elements—the warm caress of sunlight, the rhythmic embrace of the waves, and the steadfast determination of a young life finding its way.

In this fleeting instant, the small turtle encapsulated the beauty and grace of the ocean, a symbol of hope and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. The underwater ballet of light and waves bore witness to its journey, a quiet spectacle of life unfolding in the embrace of the deep blue.
Prompt: ocean floor
deep sea
Prompt: underwater scene of a small and shallow river with only rocks and green vegetations
Prompt: blobfish eating whale
Prompt: a bioluminescent turtle
Prompt: under water point of view pond, small tadpoles, algae, ultra detailed, intricate details, photo realistic, depth, diffuse lighting, cinematic, unreal engine 5, 4K, very detailed, focused, cinematic lighting, canvas, artstation
Prompt: underwater scene of a rocky creek
Prompt: distant seascape of Blue Caribbean lagoon with very blue clear water. There is a giant amethyst crystal in the sky in the foreground. Unreal engine.
Prompt: Suspicious creatures swimimg in atlantis
Prompt: girl sleeping on the bottom of the ocean underwater
Prompt: Looking at trees from underwater
Prompt: Looking at trees from underwater
Prompt: Imagine descending into the depths of a tranquil underwater world, where sunlight filters down in gentle rays, casting a surreal and ethereal glow upon the scene. Amidst the shifting currents, you discover a captivating sight: a sea plant with delicate shades of pink that seem to radiate their own soft light.

This sea plant stands tall on the seabed, its stem adorned with intricate branches that fan out like the fingers of an otherworldly hand. The delicate pink hues of the plant's fronds transition subtly from pale blush at the tips to deeper, more vibrant shades closer to the base. The plant's surface is covered in a thin layer of iridescent shimmer, which catches the light and creates a dreamlike play of colors as the water moves around it.

As you approach, you notice that the plant's fronds are not only a mesmerizing shade of pink but also possess a unique texture. They are velvety to the touch, like the softest fabric, and seem to sway gracefully in response to the gentle underwater currents. The plant exudes an air of elegance, almost as if it's a silent dancer in the underwater ballet of life.

Around the plant, tiny fish and other aquatic creatures find refuge, their movements weaving a delicate tapestry of life and motion. The pink sea plant, with its soft hues and exquisite form, stands as a testament to the beauty and diversity that thrive beneath the waves, reminding us of the wondrous mysteries of the deep sea.
Prompt: the oceans in avatar way of water
Prompt: weirdest sea animal ever
Prompt: campaign to raise awareness about ocean pollution and inspire people to act by becoming "Ocean Heroes".
educational content about the impact of plastic pollution on the environment and highlight the work of The Ocean Cleanup in developing advanced technologies to clean up the ocean
Prompt: the unexplored ocean bottom