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Imagine a religious painting with a richly detailed background of heavenly hosts, saints, and angels, all bearing witness to a sacred event.
Imagine a religious painting with a richly deta... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 808518308
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Prompt: Christ on a horse in the style of a Renaissance davinci painting
Prompt: jesus playing space rock, dressed like jesus, surrounded by flying cherubs, all covered in gold encrusted with emeralds
Prompt: the dream of gerontius in heaven and in watercolour
Prompt: God with a Samsung mobile in his hand with humans around Him
Prompt: The Everlasting Life
Prompt: Renaissance, Leonardo da vinci, Jesus, disciples, oil painting, walking on water, storm, dark clouds
Prompt: Early Christian mosaic art of heaven and hell side by side, Eastern Christian imagery, intricate mosaic details, divine light piercing through darkness, high contrast, vibrant colors, rich textures, heavenly glow, detailed mosaic patterns, religious symbolism, ancient art style, dramatic lighting, intricate details, high quality, mosaic art, religious, heavenly glow, dramatic contrast, rich textures, intricate patterns, ancient art style
Prompt: See the lord Jesus is coming with thousands of his angels to execute judgment on all
Prompt: birds Orthodox Christian iconography
Prompt: Calnibis posubia
Prompt: god
Prompt: neo the hidden savior in renaissance style landscape painting
Prompt: The Great God of Peace
Prompt: Jesus casting out demons
Prompt: Make a real picture of God saving the humans on earth
Prompt: The Gnosticism of Calvinism exposed by other YouTube channels. Please Subscribe and support my channel. Calvinism is an Egregore and a Parasitic Deception by Homuncular Pigs who make a pretense of Holiness.
Prompt: Oil painting of a religion were you have to kill your new born children
Prompt: austin the renegade female angel in the style of renaissance painting
Prompt: christ consciousness
Prompt: Masaccio, Virgin and Child With Angels Massai rendition super realism
Prompt: God coming back
Prompt: jesus is not just a prophet
Prompt: Day of Judgement
Prompt: Jesus Christ and the scene as John described in the book of revaltion 1-17, hyper realistic painting renaissance style detailed background by Michaelangelo
Prompt: Renaissance style painting of (Jesus the Christ) with a halo over his head is shaking hands and making a deal with (horned Satan the Devil), and they appear as traditional Biblical characters, and (Jesus the Christ) has a (thin circular golden halo) above his head and he is wearing a traditional full length white robe, and the (horned Satan the Devil) is wearing dark red robe and has two visible large black horns on his head and he has a visible long forked tail, they are both standing on clouds with the Earth's churches in the background, highly detailed faces, cherubs are watching from the upper corners, inspired by Michelangelo, similar to the Sistine Chapel murals, and the entire image is bounded by gilded frame like for a museum display, museum quality, fine art style, clear highly detailed imageryJesus Christ illustration of Jesus Christ, Son of God, black hair slicked back, full body, path traced, highly...portrait of a 10th-century Italian light-haired king
Prompt: Jesus heal the sick