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toilet paper flys away to heaven
toilet paper flys away to heaven [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 591427435
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Prompt: The blue background with some cloud
Prompt: Vogue fashion editorial beauty story model schaparielli Dora Marr Schiaparelli Maggie Maurer mountain of clothes floor to ceiling. Vintage shop. Hoarders house. Collectibles. Antiques. Designer furniture. Beauty. Dada. Surrealism. dumpster diving in graveyards mannequins. History of fashion. History of art. White pug. MOMA. Peggy Guggenheim. Venice. New York. London. Paris. Milan. Dali. Absolutely fabulous. Christian Dior. 1930’s window display Susanne Bartsch
Prompt: a plastic  bag that is alone and sad in sky
Prompt: Ghost Singing to the Other Ghosts about How Bad Humans Are, Meditations after Minimal Thoughts
Prompt: white color scheme,white paint,distant future,white megastructure,white background,white sky,epic,enormous,vast,surreal,bright,cinematic lighting,(by amazing artist:1.2),intricate detail,fractal detail,infinite detail,extremely detailed,extremely high res,8k,masterpiece,concept art,artstation,<lora:add_detail:1>
Prompt: homework exploding with paper flying everywhere
Prompt: Pile of Dirt, Yellow Must, Disgusting Revolting, Dingy, Ingrain, (IMPORT), Impoverished, Polluted Waters (Widespan)
Prompt: white and blue balloons in the sky
Prompt: Tissue
Prompt: Cloud man
Prompt: nice ice baby
Prompt: Condom
Prompt: lasting effects, molecular tower of defence, wah yo, macro shot, origami art, kilogramme of sugar