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Model: Midjourney
Width: 3648Height: 5248

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Prompt: create an image with lots of different corals in the ocean. Preferably show the corals from the little top and side, and the interface between ocean water and air.
Prompt: Underwater scene of a playful fish, vibrant aquatic environment, realistic water effects, high definition, digital painting, colorful coral reef backdrop, crystal clear ocean water, playful fish with detailed scales, vibrant and dynamic, joyful underwater atmosphere, high quality, detailed, realistic, aquatic, colorful, playful fish, vibrant coral reef, crystal clear water, digital painting, realistic water effects, vibrant atmosphere
Prompt: Underwater coral reef with bright colored fish, blue tinted water with sunbeams, ocean floor perspective, high quality, detailed, colorful, realistic, underwater, vibrant, radiant sunlight, coral diversity, tropical fish, marine life, oceanic environment, deep sea
Prompt: <mymodel>Fantastic marine life in hyper-realistic style, sunlight piercing the water surface, vibrant coral reefs, colorful exotic fish with intricate patterns, sparkling ocean waves, high-quality, hyper-realistic, marine life, vibrant colors, sunlight, coral reefs, exotic fish, sparkling waves, detailed texture, professional, natural lighting
Prompt: Realistic ocean scene with diverse mollusks, vibrant coral reefs, clear water, natural lighting, high quality, realistic style, detailed shells, rich colors, underwater environment, diverse marine life, intricate details, serene atmosphere
Prompt: Underwater realm, coral reefs, exotic fish, beams of light.