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Neil Anderson

Neil Anderson


two galaxies colliding with black hole
two galaxies colliding with black hole [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 997192710

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Prompt: two galaxies colliding with black hole
Prompt: Create an image of a galaxy by incorporating the following details and specifications to ensure the final image is both visually stunning and astronomically plausible:

1. **Galaxy Type**: Choose a specific type of galaxy for your image - spiral, elliptical, lenticular or irregular. For example, "Image a spiral galaxy with prominent, well-defined arms, highlighting regions of active star formation."

2. **Astronomical Features**: Incorporate realistic astronomical elements into the image, such as star clusters, emission nebulae (bright red areas where new stars are forming), and dark dust lanes that snake through the arms of the spiral galaxy.

3. **Colors and Lighting**: Specify a vibrant yet realistic color palette, reflecting the typical characteristics of young and old stars (e.g., shades of blue for young, hot stars, yellow to red for older, cooler stars ) and the hazy glow of star-forming regions.

4. **Perspective and Composition**: Indicate the perspective from which the galaxy should be viewed (e.g., "from an angle that clearly shows the spiral structure of the galaxy and its arms, as if we were looking from a point in space slightly above the galactic plane"). Add details about the composition of the image, such as including smaller galaxies or satellites in the background to add depth and context.

5. **Artistic and Stylistic Elements**: In addition to the scientific specifications, feel free to add an artistic touch that visually enriches the image. For example, "Incorporate a visual style that mimics oil paintings to give the galaxy a rich texture and a sense of movement."

When providing these guidelines, ensure that the resulting image is not only an accurate astronomical representation, but also a visually captivating work of art that can inspire awe and curiosity about the universe.