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Italian women in a red dress, with sharp features without clothes
Italian women in a red dress, with sharp featur... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 55498754
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Prompt: An attractive 35 year old woman with very curly hair, elegant, large eyes, modern, stylish makeup
Prompt: Women model for ecommmerce side face
Prompt: Elegant high detail extremely beautiful woman face , highly attractive
Prompt: Perfectly rendered 3D, UHD, unreal engine 8 image with absolutely highly accurate lighting and shading.
Prompt: a mexican female model showing her long dark brown hair
Prompt: Womans face in black and white portrait but her lips in blood red lipstick close up shot
Prompt: image with white background with modern indian model woman in sleeveless green dress
Prompt: Beautiful woman portrait , very elegant, brunette
Prompt: Beautiful lady wearing black dress, AI, fined features, 8K, fair and glossy skin, big eyes, light makeup, fashion jewelry, baby pink lips, no marks/scratches on face, clear and clean skin, curly hair.
Prompt: Woman with long straight hair, brown eyes, facial closeup
Prompt: Please create a painting , photorealist , realistic , highres, ultra detailed, 8k, uhd, ((russian woman [gmazzeo], solo, sad, red eyes, medieval dress, perfect body, extra long hair, black hair, medium see-through):1.2), (fullbody view:1.4),
Prompt: A sad beautiful woman holding a dead rose
Prompt: Beautiful fashion design model with red dress
Prompt: Inimage, create an ultra photo realistic image of a Hyper pragmatic, Chiaroscuro, isometric view in a 1800's farm stable, UHD, sharp, focused, 64k, and an ultra-realistic photographic image of an extremely photogenic extraordinarily stunning and gorgeous ((((young adult)))) sensuous, slender and alluring “Girl Next Door Look” American Farm woman 1800's. Wearing a skin tight farm girl dress. Feminine toned muscles, killer abdomen. Straight shoulder length redhead.
Prompt: Russian girl face perfect body