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Stephen Ignacio

Stephen Ignacio

Made by: Outpainting

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Dramatic scene, stormy turbulent skies, with high waves rising in anger as they engulf their surroundings, but in the centre a calm pathway hyperdetailed, intricate detail, cinematic quality, high resolution, 4k, detailed, high quality, professional, wide view
Dramatic scene, stormy turbulent skies, with high waves rising in anger as they engulf their surr... [more]
Width: 2048Height: 848

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Prompt: Create an image of the valley of the shadow of death
Prompt: Generate a small island in the shape of a lump of earth, it is brown, the top of the island is covered with ice, a little girl sits on the island with her back turned, looking ahead. There is a slightly orange haze in the background. The girl can be seen very clearly, she is lit. The island emerges from the depths of the ocean. Use perspective foreshortening in the image.
Prompt: Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing
chaotic yet harmonious composition, expressive representation, sensual and enigmatic atmosphere
Prompt: a mysterious cobblestone road with intricate angelic beings hovering palm trees, high quality, unreal engine, foggy, dramatic fantasy scene, cinematic lighting, souls of people in the sky, angels walking from foreground to background in hyper photorealistic, uhd, perfect detail, 80's cosmic editorial illustration
Prompt: Majestic mountains shrouded in mist, towering beyond the sea, ancient roads winding through rugged terrain, Exiled King's fortress atop a cliff, Outlaw Lord's camp in a hidden valley, eerie whispers in the air, Lovecraftian horrors lurking in shadows, dark ambiance with a glimmer of hope, summer sky with a hint of impending storm, the song of Lorrelai echoing through the landscape, intricate details in ruins and vegetation, HDR enhancing colors and contrasts, 4k resolution for immersive experience, award-winning masterpiece capturing the essence of epic romance and cosmic horror.
Prompt: Arafards walk on the beach near the cave, inspired by Michał Karcz, Inspired by Michal Karz, dark cinematic concept art, lost in a cave, Inspired by Christopher Balaskas, inspired by Andreas Rocha, Concept art 4K, concept art 4 k, sci-fi of iceland landscape, Atmospheric. Digital painting, dark atmosphere illustration
Prompt: photorealistic, portait, the back of the man walking, panorama of the mountain, perfect composition, detailed face, realistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by greg rutkowski
Prompt: the land of "what if" questions. this realm would be a hazy area with swirl-wind and fog, and you can kina see the shape of its citizens and things but they don't show fully who or what they are. In this land, dreams and sunshine appears only half-truth, distorted from what they are.