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Arafards walk on the beach near the cave, inspired by Michał Karcz, Inspired by Michal Karz, dark cinematic concept art, lost in a cave, Inspired by Christopher Balaskas, inspired by Andreas Rocha, Concept art 4K, concept art 4 k, sci-fi of iceland landscape, Atmospheric. Digital painting, dark atmosphere illustration
Arafards walk on the beach near the cave, inspired by Michał Karcz, Inspired by Michal Karz, dark... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 833121117

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Prompt: In the vast empty darkness, myriads of distant stars shimmer with ethereal light. The vista of the night sky is boundless and stark, full of promise and mystery. Above it is another sky, blue and bright, filled with sunlight and gentle winds. White clouds flow across this bright sky, telling enchanting stories with their movement and shapes. Between the bright sky and the dark sky, an island floats in the air. The island is surrounded by freely levitating pieces of rock and ancient masonry. Its surface is awash in the soft radiance of the sun, while its underbelly is veiled by impenetrable darkness. Several gargantuan chains stretch away from the island, cracking thunderously as it slowly rises and falls. A human figure clad in flowing black robes stands on the island, exuding an aura of mystique and power, gazing at the dream-like world around him.
Prompt: Small black hole, doomsday, shadow, Valentine's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Qingming Festival, logic, data, light beam, dim light, supernova, Chongqing, in the palace, Spring Festival, Taoism, vision through the window,Oil painting,ink and wash, dilapidated chinese temple, a close up of a person standing in a cave with a light, paul lehr and beeple, symmetrical epic fantasy art, 4k highly detailed digital art, epic fantasy sci fi illustration, beeple and jean giraud, 8k stunning artwork, andreas rocha style, arstation and beeple highly, 4k fantasy art
Prompt: Majestic mountains shrouded in mist, towering beyond the sea, ancient roads winding through rugged terrain, Exiled King's fortress atop a cliff, Outlaw Lord's camp in a hidden valley, eerie whispers in the air, Lovecraftian horrors lurking in shadows, dark ambiance with a glimmer of hope, summer sky with a hint of impending storm, the song of Lorrelai echoing through the landscape, intricate details in ruins and vegetation, HDR enhancing colors and contrasts, 4k resolution for immersive experience, award-winning masterpiece capturing the essence of epic romance and cosmic horror.