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Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 2304Height: 4096
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Prompt: canvas Eternal Echoes
Prompt: fantasy concept art by greg rutkowski, hooded figure in the  foreground looks out over a dense jungle, rugged in the background, sea creature surfaces in the sea, gestural oil painting style, cinematographic morning light, artstation hq,
Prompt: fantasy concept art by greg rutkowski of a single mysterious monolith rising up from the ocean in the distance, gestural oil painting style, backlit, cinematographic morning light, artstation hq,
Prompt: cosmic horror, eldritch horror, HP Lovecraft, Kpop, impressionism, naturalism, surrealism, scenic, portrait, realistic, uhd, 4k, 8k, autism,
Prompt: create a highly detailed colored pencil drawing standing portrait on grey paper, in the style of Norman Rockwell, Tsutomu Nihei and Steve Hanks of a          mesmerizingly ethereal alien landscape.         Every detail is meticulously captured, in HDR (High Dynamic Range), UHD (Ultra High Definition), and 1080p.  use sharp contrast and dramatic lighting. use best practices in art and design to create what would be considered an artistic masterwork. 

In this breathtaking drawing, a mesmerizingly ethereal alien landscape unfolds before us. 

 a stunning digital painting, is brimming with vibrant hues and meticulous detailing. 

 Our eyes are immediately drawn to the central subject of a towering crystalline structure that emanates an otherworldly glow, shimmering in iridescent shades of celestial blues, greens and mystical purples.  

 The intricate patterns adorning the object's surface resemble ancient symbols of an enigmatic civilization. Surrounding this magnificent structure are vast, rolling plains, bathed in a soft, surreal light that casts long shadows and lends an aura of mystery to the scene. Intriguing, yet tranquil, this numinous world invites viewers to contemplate the vastness of the cosmos and ponder the secrets that lie within.                                                                                                                                                                                   
 make the best use of positive and negative space. Sharp focus and rich color. leather futuristic uniform. use all best practices in art and design to produce what would be recognized as a master work art piece. use accurate perspective and foreshortening. use atmospheric perspective. create expressive faces and use dramatic lighting.