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anime Victorian era woman dressed in black. Big lips. Bright colors
anime Victorian era woman dressed in black. Big... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1887866263
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Prompt: (masterpiece, illustration, best quality:1.2), 1 girl, { white hair}, hair between eyes, {yellow eyes}, {black nightgown}, ambient lighting, soft glow, full body, beautiful detailed eyes, beautiful detailed shading, mean face, angry face, beautiful detailed face, maid outfit
Prompt: Debby Ryan turned into a porcelain doll wearing a victorian dress becoming apart of a doll collection.
Prompt: Silver messy hair, red eyes, black maid costume with diamond accessory. A beautiful woman with intricately detailed facial features. Whimsical expressions, captivating poses, and dynamic movements. Ink-drawn coloring pages for adults, medium-length poses, tall portraits, stunning realistic paintings, ultra-detailed photographs, light brown hair, 8K resolution, 3D rendering, Octane rendering, ultra-sharp focus, no clothes, perfect body, full-body depiction, 486D cup, 486E cup, life-size for 8 individuals, 8K resolution. These are the relevant details.
Prompt: Anime lolita black girls art
Prompt:  princess wearing purple, facial closeup
Prompt: Pastel Color Pallet, Portrait Women Superhero, Highly Detailed
Prompt: Vintage-inspired illustration of a girl, purple and turquoise attire, retro theme, soft pastel color palette, nostalgic mood, detailed floral patterns on clothing, curly hair with vintage accessories, rustic background, artistic rendering, vintage, pastel tones, detailed clothing, curly hair, nostalgic, soft lighting
Prompt: Pastel Color Pallet, Portrait Women Superhero, Highly Detailed
Prompt:   Change the image to still resemble an in anime girl cute and pretty, with eye pretty detailed, hand detail