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Panoramic wide view of a spooky suburb Asian town in the style of studio ghibli, anime illustration style, fuzzy noise, night, traditional red Chinese lamps, neon lightboxes, neon signboards, high contrast, hundreds of people walking the streets
Panoramic wide view of a spooky suburb Asian to... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1967240980
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Prompt: Fantasy Japanese city, magical elements, fantasy art, two red pagoda towers, dark, night, high contrast, epic street view, epic view, high walkways, epic perspective, small airships, surreal, concept art, intricate scene, correct, fantasy, magical lanterns, two red towers
Prompt: ultra detailed cyberpunk japanese and hindu city, digital painting, ultra fine details, intricate scene, correct, surreal, sci-fi, utopian, concept art, UHD, epic perspective, 12k
Prompt: A breath taking view of a Shinto shrine with red lanterns in the middle of cyberpunk city (oil painting)
Prompt: A breath taking view of a Balinese temple in the middle of Cyberpunk City with red lanterns (oil painting)
Prompt: (Hyper realistic) a cyberpunk style  Buddhist temple with red lanterns in cyberpunk city (cyberpunk style) water colour
Prompt: Cyberpunk era. Dystopian, futuristic, supernatural, horror, dark fantasy. Japanese villages in the background. Blood moon while using the colors orange, yellow, blue, purple, turqoise, black, white and grey to decorate.
Prompt: cyberpunk realm mountain town