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hot anime girl with long white hair wearing a white bra bottom up
hot anime girl with long white hair wearing a w... [more]

Negative prompt

nude, naked, jacket
nude, naked, jacket [more]
Model: Meina V11
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 407745770
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Prompt: Martial peak, girl with big eyes and big teeth, white background, white room, realistic, 8k resolution, artstation, character concept ,casual clothing ,Martial peak, girl standing on the other side of the summit in the middle of the woods near a river, a sign that says Pacific Rim, trending on artstation, featured on ArtStation::2 wide --ar 20:14 --uplight Martial peak, girl covered in snowshoes and long pajamas, wearing silver armor and snowshoes, realistic, beautiful, character concept art, Peter Mohrbacher, insanely detailed and intricate, golden ratio, hypermaximalist, matte painting, cinematic, cgsociety, 4k, --no dof, --ar 16:9 Martial peak, girl, cinematic, unreal engine, detailed, ultra realistic Martial peak, girl, big eyes, concept art Martial peak, girl in the foreground, white hair, portrait, matte painting, cinematic, hyperdetailed, artstation, by Ashley Wood. --ar 20:9 appreciateable Martial peak, girl, black cat, old white, white peak, girl, woman, beautiful
Prompt: Caleb (male) and Haley (horse girl, bright multi-color hair, and eyes)
Prompt: girl, solo, hands behind back, busty, long hair, twintails, smooth skin, bangs covering one eye, goth mage, green-red-blue eyes, black leggings, 8k, fullbody, {{good looking}} {{cute}} {{good body}} {{tight}}, symmetrically colored soft pink hair, {{shadows}},
Prompt: Capricorn The Sea-Goat zodiac as a female human, 8k, UHD,  highly detailed, close up
Prompt: Portrait of a tall 1woman, blue-eyed with diamond-shaped pupils, with white hair, with an antenna in her hair, near of a coconut tree, blushing, on the beach, looking at the viewer, intricate detail