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wax painting portrait of {object}, centered in frame, symmetrical face, ideal human,f8, photography, ultra details, natural light, interested, zealous, lovely, obnoxious, anti-art, horrible, enchanting, bored
wax painting portrait of {object}, centered in... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Width: 512Height: 523
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DDIMSeed: 1285564750

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Prompt: art by Konstantin Makovsky,mandy disher, victoria francis "grunge_highly_detailed_ink_splash_chipped_peeling_cracked_course_colorful_saturated_textured_painting_demonic_bo_negative-digital_boring_background_plain_background" luminism, ultra highly detailed, 32 k,Fantastic Realism complex background, dynamic lighting, lights, digital painting, intricated pose, highly detailed intricate
Prompt: a 3D printer, brighter colors, hope, cinematic, human, illustration, art
Prompt: Night and Day. Intricate details art by Josephine wall, taras loboda, Anna Dittmann, catrin Welz-Stein, van Gogh, tom Bagshaw.
Prompt: "Paint by Mistakes" by Agnes Cecile, Carne Griffiths, Patrice Murciano, Vhils, Brian M. Viveros, Ryan Hewett, Artur Bordalo, Ben Quilty, Adam Hughes, Anna Bocek, Adrian Ghenie, Ashley Wood, Jim Mahfood, and Conrad Roset. high resolution, digital art"
Prompt: Woman, 39 years old, makeup like Mexican skull, very colored, face closeup, 80mm, perfect details, sunglasses
Prompt: Science fiction, fantasy, Clear, high resolution, 8k, women, by Jasmine Becket-Griffith, by Agnes Cecile, by Brian M. Viveros, suggestive beautiful Girl, art, surreal, ,Science fiction, fantasy, Clear, high resolution, 8k, women, by Jasmine Becket-Griffith, by Agnes Cecile, by Brian M. Viveros, suggestiveRainbow Blackhole showing, dramatic, 80's aesthetic, Disney, Pixar, stary sky, dying star, stars in eyes, Quasar, nebula, Pulsar, constellations, flair, charms, high detail, intricate, sharp focus, Pinterest cosplay portrait, symmetrical matching outfit. by Abigail Larson, David Choe, and Keith Haring.ul.majestic,intricate gold jewelry details by ayami kojima, makoto shinkai, tom bagshaw, Andrew atroshenko, beksinski and HR Giger & Gustave Doré and Alex Alemany, influences of Nester Formentera, anatomically accurate, black and white with color effect, ambient, focused, symmetrical red milky eyes, fantastic view, crisp quality, cinematic smooth, cinematic lighting, ultrarealistic, crispy focus ,
Prompt: A woman with a slightly angry face her face is a mix of warm colors and the background is a mix of cool colors. The woman’s eyes are green. Style is watercolor.
Prompt: Dreamy, A beautiful ethereal woman turning into glittery dust, disappearing, fragmented, vanishing into dust clouds from top to bottom art by Alberto seveso, gediminas pranckevičius, pino daeni, peter mohrbacher, intricate details, highly detailed, cinematic smooth, unreal engine
Prompt: Professional high art quality ,Ghostly and ethereal apparitions ,detailed faces and eyes. translucent ghosts populate the senance, swimming in air art portrait, matte fantasy painting, Khokhloma with chiaroscuro lighting, bioluminescence painting, large and small details, black, orange, cyan, purple, gold, green, silver, and ultra-twisted colors, gorgeous old Danish folktale, oil painting, heavy strokes, and paint dripping.
Prompt: watercolor style illustration of crying woman
Prompt: Memories run throughout her hair like a river of colors. Abstract, surrealist art. Picasso, esao andrews, WLOP, Federico bebber, Daniel Gerhartz, Alberto Seveso, extremely detailed, intricate, 8k, cinematic lighting, very attractive, award winning, fantastic view, ultra detailed, 4K 3D, high definition, crisp quality, colourful, hdr, cinematic postprocessing, Picasso, surreal abstract art, Alex Alemany, focused
Prompt: Imagine an artist sitting at a canvas, surrounded by an array of vibrant paint colors, brushes, and traditional art supplies on one side. On the other side, an ethereal AI entity stands, its form composed of intricate lines of code and light. The artist and the AI are leaning towards each other, engaged in a dynamic exchange of ideas. From the artist's mind, a thought bubble filled with abstract concepts floats towards the AI, while from the AI's side, a digital stream of colors, shapes, and patterns flows towards the artist. This image captures the seamless collaboration between human creativity and AI, illustrating how technology enriches the artistic process by providing innovative insights and expanding creative horizons.
Prompt: blue woman, aura