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high resolution, 4k, detailed, high quality, professional, wide view
high resolution, 4k, detailed, high quality, professional, wide view [more]
Width: 2048Height: 1536

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Prompt: Dancing ON the moon, silhouette, 30 year old muscular female bodybuilder, huge busom, long muscular legs, ridiculously long flowing hair, 8 inch stiletto high heel shoes, flamenco dress, earth background, dancing ON, the moon, Earth background, ultra-detailed.
Prompt: In a serene setting beneath a canopy of twinkling stars, a gorgeous muscular 60 year old goddess wearing 8 inch stiletto high heel shoe stands illuminated by the soft glow of the moonlight. Her silhouette is striking against the dark night sky, creating a captivating contrast that accentuates her elegance and grace.

She has flowing dark orange hair that seems to shimmer and dance in the gentle night breeze, reflecting the subtle light of the stars above. Her eyes sparkle with a mysterious allure, mirroring the constellations that dot the sky.

Her attire is simple yet elegant, a flowing white see-through dress that seems to mimic the movement of the night sky itself. It billows gently around her as she stands, creating a dreamlike aura that adds to her ethereal beauty.

As she gazes up at the stars, a sense of wonder and awe fills her expression. Her connection to the universe is palpable, as if she holds a secret understanding of the mysteries of the cosmos.

Surrounded by the beauty of the night sky, this woman embodies the timeless allure of the heavens. Her presence is both calming and enchanting, making her a mesmerizing focal point against the backdrop of the starry night.
Prompt: Cosmic beautyful woman shitting out some planets
Prompt: Create a high-resolution head and shoulders painting of a planet-sized, gorgeous giantess bursting out of the Earth's crust. The scene should be intense and dramatic with cinematic lighting that highlights her stunning features. The artwork should be inspired by the styles of Norman Rockwell, Craig Mullins, and Ross Tran, and should be in 4K resolution. The focus should be on the giantess's face and upper body as she emerges from the planet, and the overall effect should be awe-inspiring and powerful.
Prompt: lionesswoman, night, full moon, lake