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Cute nerd potterhead who draws
Cute nerd potterhead who draws [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1034110886
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Prompt: a cute young cartoon girl with glasses smiling, similar appearance with white dress, wavy and messy black hair, a hyper-realistic style with exceptional detail and sharp focus on every aspect of the girl's appearance. vibrant, colorful tones, and the overall effect is breathtakingly beautiful, under sunlight

hyper realistic watercolor masterpiece, smooth soft skin, big dreamy eyes, beautiful fluffy volume hair, symmetrical, anime wide eyes, soft lighting, detailed face, ross draws, concept art, digital painting, full body

hyper realistic masterpiece, highly contrast water color pastel mix, sharp focus, digital painting, pastel mix art, digital art, clean art, professional, contrast color, contrast, colorful, rich deep color, studio lighting, dynamic light, deliberate, concept art, highly contrast light, soft back light, hyper detailed, super detailed, render, CGI winning award, hyper realistic, ultra realistic, UHD, HDR, 64K, RPG, inspired by wlop, UHD render, HDR render
Prompt: tim burton style drawing of a girl with brown wavy hair, tan skin, dark brown eyes, black glasses, black turtleneck, wearing a red jacket holding a violin. plain white background.
Prompt: a illustration of a girl animator
Prompt: An image of a working woman in a suit. young and beautiful. His expression is smiling. Her eyes are big. The drawing style is Japanese anime style.
Prompt: a drawing of a girl with glasses on her face, anime city lineart, long straight beautiful hair, no colors, short sleeves, eal, tkmiz, hands not visible, half - body shot, she is smiling, incomplete, slightly pixelated, with no derpy face, in her early 20s, edited, black and white lineart, wip, zumidraws
Prompt: A girl with light skin and dark blue eyes with brown hair and brown glasses in a comic book