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Ai Robot Cyborg Face with sparks and wiring coming out of it's face
Ai Robot Cyborg Face with sparks and wiring com... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE KarrasSeed: 948729246
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Prompt: An AI
Prompt: A human being built by machines made of light.
Prompt: Neurodivergent broken  boy
Prompt: By allowing artificial intelligence to expand upon my thoughts and ideas, something unique and beautiful can emerge
Prompt: 3d photo effects for photoshop/film/video with image, in the style of bold, pop art inspired ing, light turquoise and dark orange, cristina mcallister, robotic motifs, close up, object portraiture specialist, technocore
Prompt: -
Prompt: Photorealistic Dramatic, Art By Rembrandt,Avatar style, Bright, First Person, Chroma, brain controlling network, Glitch Art
Prompt: Soulless ai
Prompt: the head and shoulders of a metallic man, in the style of futurism influence, 8k 3d, stripes and shapes, machine aesthetics, exaggerated facial features, captivating gaze, idealized beauty in wide ratio
Prompt: SURREAL representation of a person holding their chest, symbolizing inner strength and self-empowerment. This image inspires self-confidence and resilience.
Prompt: visions from a traumatized AI
Prompt: ai entities becomming human
Prompt: A.i. GOD in humanoid form, 1k resolution,  extreme details
Prompt: ai creative photos
Prompt: Ai
Prompt: Picture of consciousness
Prompt: No text prompt
Prompt: A.i. GOD in humanoid form, 104k resolution,  extreme details
Prompt: internet becoming  aware of data dignity of internet data collective sensibility through equality, equity, providence, regulation, self-aware humanity creative ordered chaos bio noumenon phenomenon reproduce becoming I exist now then before after finite infinite
Prompt: Create an image of a female figure with a sleek, futuristic design, similar to a fashion-forward android. The figure has a chrome-like skin texture and is wearing stylized, avant-garde sunglasses made of mirrored shards reflecting a neon cityscape. Her pose is elegant and confident, set against a backdrop of a dark, textured wall that suggests a high-end, futuristic environment. The overall color palette is monochromatic, dominated by shades of silver, black, and subtle hints of neon blue and pink from the cityscape reflected in her sunglasses.
Prompt: 3d image of artificial head of a woman with electrical wiring, in the style of cyberpunk imagery, made of insects, dark silver and dark navy, intel core, 8k resolution, algorithmic artistry, intricate detail
Prompt: Artificial Intelligence face body nĂºmeros chip gold
Prompt: Create a futuristic portrait of an advanced humanoid robot. The robot is adorned with a complex network of silver and gold wires forming an intricate circuitry pattern across the head and neck, resembling a high-tech crown. These wires should be set against the robot's smooth, matte black skin. The robot's eyes are a deep, glowing blue, with a sharp gaze that exudes intelligence and depth. The background is a subtle gradient from dark to light grey, focusing all attention on the robot, which is a blend of elegance, power, and advanced technology. The artwork should have a hyper-realistic quality, with a balance of shadow and light that highlights the textures and materials, making it appear tangible.
Prompt: entities are being transformed into intricate patterns of scan lines
Prompt: Highly detailed representation  of Artificial  Intelligence achieving sentience  beautiful cinematic luminous