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Ekaterina Kraeva from Seikon no Qwaser, masterpiece, best quality, 1little girl, 11yo, anime wide eyes, platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, long twintail hair, slender body, black gothic Lolita dress, small chest, (small breasts:1.2), thick thighs, wide hips, looking at viewer, simple background, cartoon_portrait, <lora:cartoon_portrait_v2:0.5>,
Ekaterina Kraeva from Seikon no Qwaser, masterp... [more]

Negative prompt

bad-hands-5 EasyNegativeV2 ng_deepnegative_v1_75t bad-image-v2-39000
bad-hands-5 EasyNegativeV2 ng_deepnegative_v1_7... [more]
Model: Lykon/DreamShaper_7
Width: 512Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Euler ASeed: 1179040908

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Prompt: ((masterpiece)),((best quality)),((ultra-detailed)),((high resolution)),((extremely detailed CG)),((unity 8k wallpaper)), ((8k)),((caustics)),((textile shading)),((super detailed skin)), ((perfect anatomy)),((detailed)), girl, yandere, sad pyshco expression, beutiful face, long white dress
Prompt:  male Xqc and gf, red lips, blonde hair, fluffy hair, cute, soft, adorrable, innocent, love, edgy hair, double short twin tails,   soft hair, e-girl techno girl outfit, wink happy, luxurious, semirealistic, wholesome
Prompt: 3d anime woman, wispy bangs, rude, pretty, cute hairstyle, goth outfit, and beautiful pretty art 4k full raw HD
Prompt: inimage, create a realistic full view photo image of 2 ultra cute black and lustful, adult shiny rubber pleasure dolls, [doll hands], [[doll joints]], realistic faces, kissing each other, curvy bodies. First doll wearing a leather dress with thick leather body harness with long black curly hair. Second doll wearing a maids uniform with short curly red braids. Full feminine wide open mouth, full lips, wide leather choker, (natural nipples), large eyes, highly detailed, 4k, smooth, sharp focus, unreal engine 5.
Prompt: ((Best quality)), ((masterpiece)) by Mary Stevenson Cassatt, titled 'Lydia Seated In The Garden With A Dog In Her Lap.' This painting exemplifies the highest level of craftsmanship and best quality, with an ultra-detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper format. The artwork features a beautifully detailed face with captivating eyes, showcasing the artist's exceptional attention to detail. The painting incorporates a detailed background, providing a rich and immersive setting for the scene. The use of high contrast enhances the visual impact of the composition, while the best illumination techniques create an atmosphere of delicate beauty. The dynamic angle of the painting adds a sense of movement and energy to the depiction. Moreover, the artwork exhibits a beautiful detailed glow that adds a touch of enchantment and enhances the overall appeal. The composition portrays Lydia in a full-body cowboy shot, capturing her seated in the garden with a dog in her lap. This artwork is truly a masterpiece, combining impeccable quality, intricate details, and a captivating portrayal of the subject
Prompt: Koneko, Highschool DxD,  white hair, best quality, masterpiece, anime, (school uniform:1.3), (pov:1.2), slender body, small waist, (wide hips:1.5), short hair, wide hips, gold eyes, cat ears, small chest, (small breasts:1.2), thick thighs, loli_, indoors, white, looking at viewer, happy, SFW,
Prompt: {{{{highest quality stylized character masterpiece}}}} best award-winning digital oil painting with {{lifelike textures brush strokes}}, hyperrealistic intricate perfect 128k UHD HDR, girl with long wavy pink hair, brown eyes, cute, skirt, cute shirt, plushie, school girl
Prompt: {best quality}, {{masterpiece}}, {highres}, extremely detailed girl, solo, sharp focus,{{{{{{{{white background}}}}}}}}, {1 girl, {{{loli}}}, {{{tilt head}}}, {{{shimmer hair}}}, {{glowing hair}}, {{{iridescent black hair}}}, {{{{very long curly twintails}}}},hair between eyes,long bangs, {{{hair (houseki no kuni)}}} }, solo, {{{beautiful detailed purple backless outfit}}}, detached sleeves, {{{{{{{{{standing on cracked rocks}}}}}}}}},{{{{{{{twisted torso pose}}}}}}},{{legs focus}}, expressionless , closed mouth, beautiful detailed eyes, red eyes,{{{closed eyes}}}, {{{{{sharp focus}}}}},{{{{{wide angle}}}}}, {loli}, {{{{{masterpiece game illustration (medium)}}}}},{{{{full body}}}}, {{{{medium shot}}}}, {{{{{{{cracked architecture}}}}, {{{{{{{{{{all kinds of red jewels}}}}}}}}}}, {{{{{{{{{flying black birds}}}}}}}}, {{{{vine}}}}, {{{{{{{chibi}}}}}}}, {{{{sd}}}}, {{cel-shading}}, {thick lineart}, {{{{small legs}}}}
Prompt: 3d anime woman, wispy bangs, rude, pretty, cute hairstyle, goth outfit, and beautiful pretty art 4k full raw HD
Prompt: 3d anime woman and beautiful pretty art 4k full HD misa amane
Prompt: young woman
Prompt: blond hair, straight hair, grey left eye, green right eye, grey Victorian dress, grey beret
Prompt: An 1800s anime girl doll
Prompt: (masterpiece, illustration, best quality:1.2), 1girl, solo, (petite body, white blouse, dark brown shorts:1.3), intricate hair, stray hairs, bangs, playful demeanor, shorts, ruffles, foggy grey eyes, white hair, finely detailed, detailed face, toned face, beautiful detailed eyes, beautiful detailed shading, beautifully detailed background, rainstorm
Prompt: Scared girl, gothic, pornhub,love,under thunder, strike
Prompt: young girl
Prompt: anime girl, vampire, white long hair, red eyes, sharp eyes, victorian black dress, cute young female,
Prompt: Gorgeous Girl, Blue Hair, Bangs, Maid Outfit, Hairband, Pink Hair Pins, Extremely Detailed, Sharp, Masterpiece, Skinny, Character Portrait, Looking At Camera, Symmetrical, Soft Lighting, Cute Big Circular Reflective Eyes, Pixar Render, black skin, Unreal Engine Cinematic Smooth, Intricate Detail, anime Character Design, Unreal Engine, Vintage Photography, Beautiful, Tumblr Aesthetic, Retro Vintage Style, Hd Photography, Hyperrealism, Beautiful Watercolor Painting, Realistic, Detailed, Painting By Olga Shvartsur, Svetlana Novikova, Fine Art, Soft Watercolor