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halloween, haunted, scary, dark, spooky, jackolatern, witch, bats, skeleton, ghosts
halloween, haunted, scary, dark, spooky, jackol... [more]
Made by: Creative variations
Subject Description: halloween, haunted, scary, dark, spooky, jackolatern, witch, bats, skeleton, ghosts
Style: Default
Width: 520Height: 768
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Prompt: Create and visualize an exterior of a haunted house with these specifications:

2 floors
2-point perspective
Torn curtain 
An old tree beside the house
A woman in flowing gown in front of the door
Full moon
Source of light will be the moon
A grave with a cross on the front lawn
One-side lighting
High contrast

Corpse Bride Vibe. Full of cool tone colors like blue gray and black.
And make it in Landscape.
Prompt: Halloween, cemetery, ghosts, illustration, eerie, foggy, bats, tombstones, hills
Prompt: haunted house , bats and very dark
Prompt: Create me a GFX that has the title, Haunted Haven.
Prompt: Haunted House
Prompt: Fantasy Spooky School
Prompt: Spooky house, cartoon, night
Prompt: horror house
Prompt: Spooky house, cartoon, night, ghost
Prompt: A Vampire's Haunted House
Prompt: spooky house
Prompt: "Black and white sketch of spooky house, bright orange pumpkins sit on iron fence, crows and ravens, sharp lines, 16k resolution, sinister vibe, Karol Bak volumetric lighting Hyperrealistic, concept, intricately detailed,"
Prompt: Halloween pumpkin head jack lantern with burning candles, Spooky Forest with a full moon and wooden table, Pumpkins In Graveyard In The Spooky Night - Halloween Backdrop
Prompt: A creepy Halloween scene illustrated in GTA style set in Boston
Prompt: Halloween spooky dark aesthetic
Prompt: Halloween  forest with witch painting house