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Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 1408Height: 1420
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Prompt: Beautiful girl with intricate dress. Eyes are stars.
Prompt: portrait of Mila kunis, FULL BODY, centered in frame, facing camera, symmetrical face, ideal human, 85mm lens, f8, photography, ultra details, natural light, light background, photo, Studio lighting, mucha stile
Prompt: Ssbbw without clothes at home ((fully naked)) ((keep the same face as the picture)) ((realistic and detailed  skin)) ((visual contact)) ((natural blue eyes and pink lips)) ((red lips)) ((bokeh)) ((sun light)) ((thin nose)) ((realistic)) ((4k hdr))
Prompt: a beautiful face that can't be neglected with perfect eyes beautiful lips with a water droplet on it
Prompt: Portrait of 17-year-old black-haired girl with pale brown skin and grey eyes. Hyperrealistic, live action
Prompt: Beautiful vampire with a look of apathy against a black background, [Angelina Jolie|Camren Bicondova] Head and shoulders portrait, By Jasmine Becket-Griffith, By Ismail Inceoglu, hypermaximalist, realistic reflective eyes, studio lighting, Rtx Enabled, looking at the camera, Award-winning, Deep Colors
Prompt: anime girl with a red dress,Blue eyes, brown hair long, big but, pretty face  ,hot face with red lipstick.
Prompt: photo realistic portrait of a girl exact replica of Angelina Jolie, (tropical island setting: 1.2), at sunset, detailed face, complex, sharp, focused, depth of field, symmetrical face, f/1. 8, 85 mm, Nikon Z9, (image composition in centre: 1.2)
Prompt: full body young woman, oil painting, super detailed, high resolution, perfect, hands, eyes, mouth, face, body, brunet, tan, flowing hair, full body
Prompt: Create an image of the most beautiful woman's face with the utmost attention to detail. The woman should have perfect facial symmetry, smooth skin, and expressive eyes that convey both intelligence and emotion. Her features should be striking and unique, with perfectly shaped eyebrows, a nose that complements her other features, and full lips that accentuate her beauty. The woman's hair should be luscious and shiny, with a style that perfectly frames her face. Use your creativity and imagination to capture the essence of beauty in a way that is visually stunning and inspiring."
Prompt: Most beautiful young woman, Portrait of {character} with {blond} hair and with cute face, big beautiful eyes, {background}, perfect composition, hyperrealistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, trending art, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by juhain Shabo