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Full-body, Fantasy Illustration of three hyenas, sharp fangs, RPG-fantasy, intense, detailed, dark and eerie lighting, sinister vibe, fantasy, detailed character design, atmospheric, jungle background
Full-body, Fantasy Illustration of three hyenas, sharp fangs, RPG-fantasy, intense, detailed, dar... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 682
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1492173981

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Prompt: Watercolor, Masterpiece, best quality, 8k, dream portrait Ultra Detail, Tank Leopard vs 1 monster In the cave, horned and winged monster, facial detail, (black: 1.3 Eyes | 1.4 many sharp fangs | 1.5 open mouth | 1.6 head horns) , detailed body, (1.7 standing | 1.8 two-handed | 1.9 two-footed), (Sharp claws 1.8), well-defined face, Highly detailed, vivid view, light ((water reflections, cinematic light, high detail, dramatic light, detail intricate, high quality), (water droplets, distinct reflections, sharp light, harsh reflections)), water particle effects (many water particles, rainbow particles, diffused particles), visible shadows, white particle effect, white smoke effect, background back in a dark cave with a stalactite hanging above it, --v4
Prompt: Snowy white leopard, standing in an ice cave, medieval grunge, fantasy, digital painting, art station, hyperrealistic photography computer graphics, real rendering, photorealistic, intricate details, detail, sharp focus, Ultrarealistic, 16k
Prompt: demonic cheetah wearing a leather saddle
Prompt: Cheetah sprinting through a lush, vibrant jungle, shafts of sunlight piercing the dense canopy, casting dynamic shadows, rich green foliage, exotic flowers exploding with color, high contrast, ultra realistic, octane rendering.
Prompt: Team of cheetah art
Prompt: While we can't truly know the personality of extinct animals, scientists believe saber-toothed tigers, such as Smilodon, were likely solitary hunters. Their large canines suggest a preference for ambushing and overpowering prey. These creatures were adapted for a specific hunting style, and their behaviors were likely influenced by the challenges of their environment during the Pleistocene epoch.
Prompt: create the world's fastest hybrid animal that is genetically a mixture of the following animals, with the percentages telling how much the traits of a certain animal appear in the hybrid; horse 30%, antelope 20%,wolf 20% and cheetah 30%.