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Make a background for a youtube music video and anime-ish would probably trend on youtube with a charter and not much color and for boys no girls in pic
Make a background for a youtube music video and... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1906453851
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Prompt: 5 anime characters making an L shaped sign with their hands and fingers
Prompt: Anime boy with red and black hair with black hood with horns on head sad face with bracelets nike shirt and pants with skulls
Prompt: Ai art for •simplyz eren☆•
Prompt: anime boy, anime style, drawed, full body
Prompt: Damien (male, short black hair, red eyes) in the park at night, casual outfit, midnight, angry, stern look on his face
Prompt: Tetsu 1male. Short black hair with vibrant streaks of electric blue, that gives off an eye-catching look. Soft and mesmerizing blue eyes. Wearing a black leather jacket with a dark gray t-shirt underneath that adds a subtle contrast to the outfit. Cool and edgy, black skinny jeans. Holding a camera. UHD, 8K, photography equipment in the background. At a photoshoot
Prompt: an illustration of a schoolboy in the art style of kazuma kaneko and persona 3: nocturne
Prompt: Omori
Prompt: Anime man
Prompt: Omori
Prompt: aesthetic profile picture Manhwa character mommy
Prompt: anime friends
Prompt: Hanime
Prompt: Cat boy hybrid (male, short hair)
Prompt: a anime boy minceraft player
Prompt: cute anime character, soft, shy, short boyish hair, wavy black fluffy hair, big amber eyes, detailed eyes, dog collar, cute!!, kawaii, kyoto animation, free anime, anime, animated, character design, character concept, trending online, 2010s anime, key visual, saturated, high quality, 8k, by Ryota, Rimmu, Ayumi, Kantoku, fantasy outfit
Prompt: Anime girl, Electricity Oozing off her, Short hair, Green Hair, Electricity Illuminating her, 2D Character, Full Body shot, Complicated Lighting, Ghibli Artstyle, Cyberpunk City in the background
Prompt: Shinichiro Sano, Tokyo revengers, torn clothes, anime.
Prompt: anime cool boy from the future with black hair, black background, and blue eyes.