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Prompt: make this dimly lit
Prompt: steam engined saw mill, workers around, visible wood mills, industry, hypermaximalistic, high details, cinematic, 8k resolution, beautiful detailed, insanely intricate details, artstation trending, octane render, unreal engine,
Prompt: Jim Burns,  Albert Robida, Masamune Shirow, Katsuhiro Otomo, fine lines, Japanese Anime, surreal, realistic, weird, hyper detailed, sci-fi, fantasy, realistic, Temporal Orrery, Mecha-loving high school girl, in the factory, under repair, high resolution high definition high quality masterpiece, girl with perfect voluminous body, tight fitting low cut mechanic uniform
Prompt: A mechanical turn of the century steampunk factory  16k
Prompt: A visually stunning space within the Mysterious Puzzle Garden, adorned with intricate mechanisms and symbols. In the heart of the chamber stands a large, enchanted puzzle construct, its pieces scattered across the room.