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Akha [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 2031732216
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Prompt: Lively African market, vibrant colors, bustling crowd, traditional attire, bustling market stalls, diverse faces, lively atmosphere, high quality, detailed painting, vibrant, traditional art, colorful, dynamic lighting
Prompt: A dynamic realistic render showing a detailed myanmar tribal ethnography face ethnic Hmong anthropology woman decorative filigree 8k,high quality, high resolution, 4k, hd, (well designed face), amazing face, (super detailed), [3d] James jean surreal details Volumetric light fashion photography wide angle wide-angle
Prompt: Giovanni Baglione masterpieces,Esther Mahlangu renditions super realism
Prompt: old jamacian man smoking a joint with smoke comming out
Prompt: Filipino shaman woman
Prompt: Mayan warrior portrait
Prompt: She shows the crowned jewel of twilight in the blaze of love. Her face is tattooed of the naga tribes of eastern Asia. The angels dance in the sunlight glistening off her deep struck eyes. She is power,beauty, and grace. A committed partner of heaven and earth.
Prompt: Giovanni Baglione masterpieces,Esther Mahlangu renditions super realism
Prompt: Aztec Warrior who's armor is made out of vivid purple crystals and bones, crystal marrow, masterpiece, best quality
Prompt: Papua new guinea traditional attire Chimbu
Prompt: Rembrandt masterpieces, Esther Mahlangu renditions super realism
Prompt: Javanese woman with a mysterious smile. eyes reveal deep serenity
Prompt: a mexican women
Prompt: 1. Aztec Warrior Appearance:
   - Draw or create 3D models of Aztec warriors with accurate physical features like brown skin tone, black hair, and facial markings.
   - Design distinctive feathered headdresses, helmets, and elaborate costumes adorned with colorful feathers, beads, and intricate patterns.
   - Pay attention to details such as body paint, tattoos, and jewelry that were commonly worn by Aztec warriors.

2. Weaponry and Battle Gear:
   - Show Aztec warriors carrying weapons like macuahuitl (a wooden sword embedded with obsidian blades), shields, and spears.
   - Ensure accuracy in the design and texture of these weapons and depict any decorative elements such as carvings or engravings.

3. Group Formation and Postures:
   - Arrange the Aztec warriors in dynamic and engaging poses, reflecting the intensity and fierceness of battle.
   - Consider showcasing them in formation, such as a row or a pyramid structure, to evoke a sense of unity and strategy.

4. Setting and Background:
   - Create a background that resembles an Aztec city or a jungle landscape, with vibrant hues and elements of Mesoamerican architecture or vegetation.
Prompt: old javanese woman with mysterious smile. eyes reveal deep serenity. his teeth are white
Prompt: Old African woman in a forest
Prompt: newspaper print, person, male, 20 years old, herdsman, tribal, Kenya, ghillie suit, scars holes on head, healed scar holes in shoulders, staff, falcon on shoulder, desert background
Prompt: African Shaman Man
Prompt: Giovanni Baglione masterpieces,Esther Mahlangu renditions super realism
Prompt: Joseph und Potiphars Weib, Arthur masterpieces,Esther Mahlangu renditions super realism
Prompt: Ojibwe warrior lady, Ogichidaawi,  Ogichidaa,  MI, detailed, aanji-bimaadizi, colorful, feathers, shells, award-winning CGI
Prompt: A Black and White close-up of  a chinese lady who is working on a rice plantation.

She is in her 70s, has some wrinkels, and she is carrying a basket. 

weathered and dirty. staring into the distance. candid image.

Ultra High detailed.