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a blond male warrior with sword stabbing dragon in heart in battle
a blond male warrior with sword stabbing dragon... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1977165721
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Prompt: Poster art, high-quality high-detail highly-detailed breathtaking hero ((by Aleksi Briclot and Stanley Artgerm Lau)) - ((a reptile head )), fire,  male,highly detailed reptile head,  detailed scaly skin , flames all around, detailed gun metal grey mech suit, full body, black futuristic mech armor, wearing mech armour suit, 8k,  full form, jungle  setting, has highly detailed flame thrower, full form, epic, 8k HD, fire, sharp focus, ultra realistic clarity. Hyper realistic, Detailed face, portrait, realistic, close to perfection, more black in the armour, 
wearing blue and black cape, wearing carbon black cloak with yellow, full body, high quality cell shaded illustration, ((full body)), dynamic pose, perfect anatomy, centered, freedom, soul, Black short hair, approach to perfection, cell shading, 8k , cinematic dramatic atmosphere, watercolor painting, global illumination, detailed and intricate environment, artstation, concept art, fluid and sharp focus, volumetric lighting, cinematic lighting,
Prompt: cute young man gold,  very white scarred skin, covered in bandages, gold tattered cloth armor exposes his midriff, hood of magical mask like,  large gold gem between pecs in chest, Barbarian, Strong, wielding large two-handed great-axe, Fantasy setting,
Prompt: Warm colors, 3D, HD, Epic, Gritty, a tiefling with metallic wings, wearing traditional Chinese garb
Prompt: dragon warrior standing over his dead enemies, 2 of which happen to be the sun and the moon, he uses a double-sided sword with a spear in the center of the hilt
Prompt: Spartan fighter, ultra realistic, daylight shining armour, soldier, battlefield golden fighting giant red dragon with shimmering scales, cataclysmic event in the background
Prompt: Hyper realistic, dark sorcerer, riding a dragon, long robes and ancient armor, wielding a rune blade, casting a spell.
Prompt: Full-body detailed masterpiece, Realistic, fantasy art, Hyper detailed, Photo-realistic eyes, trails in the sky, blue moonlight background, flaming greatsword
Prompt: brave 
 hero dark angel  handsome knight royal castle 17 year old grasslands  beautiful sky nice lights and a dragon behind him wings in the day realistic face lighting and red lighting with sword and sword 
upclose picture fire and lighting
Prompt: A warrior with a blazing sword, high fantasy