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Location: Coffee shop] [Couple sitting across each other, engaged in deep conversation]
Location: Coffee shop] [Couple sitting across e... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1903236800
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Prompt: a woman with long hair is sitting enjoying coffee
Prompt: create a high detailed image of a mixed-race couple in love, in Paris France
Prompt: A good looking man socialising with a group of women.
Prompt: Woman sipping a pumpkin inside starbucks
Prompt: A Man sitting in a bar and the bartender girl giving him a drink
Prompt: I noticed my brother-in-law's strong interest and started a relationship with him until...
Prompt: Guy working on laptop in a cozy cafe with a water bottle next to him
Prompt: A white man about 30-years old is sitting on a couch next to a coffee table. On the table there is a letter that the man is reading.
Prompt: A man and his wife lounge inside a huge 5 foot white mug filled with coffee to soak and wake up after a long night. Detailed, hyper realistic photo
Prompt: In a restaurant a unobtrusive guy is spying on a beautiful girl in a restaurant on another seat
Prompt: woman and  man shaking hands. man has no beard.
Prompt: A man drinking coffee
Prompt: cafe bar with cup of coffee
Prompt: Two people drink tea and celebrate friendship
Prompt: drinking coffee
Prompt: A close up photo of a young couple sitting on the porch of a beautiful house, sipping mugs of hot steamy cocoa
Prompt: Young Jesus Christ are tasting the wine . 8k . HD
Prompt: Men drinking coffe
Prompt: Adult couple holding hands, bright city lights, urban setting, romantic atmosphere, high quality, detailed, warm tones, cityscape, love, connection, nighttime, urban romance, professional lighting, back turned to us
Prompt: People enjoying a Friday coffee at work feeling relaxed that it's the weekend tomorrow
Prompt: Group of smart and nice people sitting at the bar with small amount of beer, discussing progressive political ideas
make them smart casual suits
add females up to 50% of people
Prompt: restaurant consulting
Prompt: Full class with blue brick walls sunlight and plants with a brunette girl and a blond boy sitting next to each other in desks back view
Prompt: a young female, highlights in hair, sitting inside a restaurant, brown eyes, ((detailed face))