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Astronaut with sun in the background
Astronaut with sun in the background [more]

Negative prompt

nude, naked
nude, naked [more]
Model: prompthero/openjourney-v2
Width: 768Height: 504
Scale: 9Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 893512622

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Prompt: higher self, centralised and accurate.
Prompt: Galaxy
Prompt: space
Prompt: Design a tatto of a spaceman floating with coloful  / relalistic / 4k with planetary background  making i love you sign in sign language
Prompt: Watercolor portrait of a black hole with galaxy in background, perfect composition, hyper realistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, trending art, trending on art station, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by greg rutkowski, illustration, watercolor
Prompt: kentaro miura Panoramic,Solar storm British Galleon sailing through space river in galaxy dust,stars,concept,illustration,UHD,Realistic,billion stars
Prompt: space, future, detailed, 8k, fantasy, magic, creatures, dark, mysterious, neon
Prompt: Please produce a fantasy space artwork Fantastic planetscape looking down on a tundra. Space ships flying in the sky, a red gas giant planet, and stars in the background on the horizon with vibrant colors and effects. very pretty painting.
Prompt: pure black void donut shape sphere
Prompt: space, future, detailed, 8k, fantasy, magic, creatures, dark, mysterious, neon
Prompt: Universal Zero point light blue glowing orb epic in space. stars universe galactic star background
Prompt: A large space habitat in deep space, photorealistic, cinematic lighting
Prompt: scifi, purple shark in middle of movie poster, full moon in center of background, nebula background, purple neon lighting,
Prompt: praying for a source of energy, between dimensions, light, soft, love, tranquility, soft light, strong electron. space cosmic hall light dimension. detailed dramatic atmospheric maximalist digital painting galactic space cosmic hall dimension light, cloud heavy, soft imagery, smooth texture.
Prompt: 3d futuristic, painting of giant planets with pink aliens in trippy format
Prompt: Insanely Detailed Mindflayer inspired Monster, Cosmic, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Diabolical, Fiery, Hyperdetailed, Intricate details, Heliosphere, Nebula, Sinister, James Webb Telescope, Ethereal, Majestic, Unworldly, Illithid, Void, Supernova, Astral, Quasar
Prompt: Full_color_Hollywood_publicity_shot_of_1__2__3__4_astronauts_with_helmets_on__2_more_astronauts_with_Seed-1576915_Steps-35_Guidance-7.5
Prompt: Among Us video game, space, red caught blue venting in storage, skeld, multiplayer game
Prompt: anthropomorphic shark wearing space suit, on the moon in center, digital art, nebula background, art by greg rutkowski, purple neon lighting, scifi
Prompt: a galaxy with purple also a red eyed monster