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dark ambient moonlit landscape, meadow, flowers, peaceful and serene. gorgeous buxom woman, dark hair, expressive eyes, thighs, sitting, white gown, pretty girl, perfect anatomy, highly detailed, character sheet, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, intricate,8K, symmetry, perspective, high contrast
dark ambient moonlit landscape, meadow, flowers... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 461708788
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Prompt: "a beautiful painting of in the silent, starlit nights, beautiful flower, girl, by greg rutkowski, trending on artstation"
Prompt: black heir lips body beauty girl, sleeping, full body, realistic, highly detailed, digital painting, sharp focus, photo art by greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha
Prompt: beautiful woman, long brown hair, wearing a long purple dress, near a river, style of Alayna Lemmer
Prompt: Character Design: Design an elegant and captivating female character with an anime-inspired aesthetic. Emphasize delicate features, expressive eyes, and flowing hair. Feel free to incorporate fantasy elements like wings, floral accessories, or other subtle hints of magic.
Natural Setting: Choose a serene and enchanting natural environment for the girl to inhabit. It could be a lush forest glade, a serene lakeside, a magical waterfall, or any other setting that complements the character's ethereal beauty. Focus on creating a peaceful atmosphere with gentle lighting and soft colors.
Composition: Compose the artwork to highlight the character as the central focal point. Use framing techniques like overhanging branches, surrounding flowers, or cascading water to draw attention to the girl. Consider incorporating elements of symmetry or asymmetry to add visual interest.
Mood and Colors: Aim for a calm and tranquil mood. Utilize a color palette dominated by pastel shades, such as soft blues, gentle pinks, or soothing greens. Introduce subtle gradients and lighting effects to enhance the dreamlike atmosphere.
Style and Artistic Approach: Experiment with different art styles such as traditional anime, soft watercolors, or detailed digital illustrations. Choose a style that best suits your artistic preferences and showcases the character's ethereal beauty.
Prompt: Vampire, Nicoletta Ceccoli Marc Ryden Tom Bagshaw Doodle fauvism artgerm digital painting hyperrealistic crisp quality colourful Jacek Yerka and WLOP,acrylic art splash,highly detailed,surreal,8k ,fantastic view tarot witch
Prompt: scene view, walking, long hair, female, high fantasy, fine details, realistic shaded, looking off into a forest, grunge, dark, Unreal Engine, Beautiful, Hd Photography, Hyperrealism, long red dress, high contrast, detailed face, roses, fog, rising skeletons from the ground in background
Prompt: 1girl, high-quality Renaissance style, 
(masterfully crafted glow, red lens flare) behind,
hyperdetailed full-body portrait of a

 captivating evocative dramatic cinematic crisp Pinterest beautiful pale-skinned star goddess ((((barely clothed)))), style of Fragonard and Yoshitaka Amano (light hair with flowers, messy), ropes, bioluminescent, (wearing intricate clothes) silver gothic armor with golden filigree details, (bioluminescent hair:1.1),

((with a scenic matte painting background by Ferdinand Knab, Gregory Crewdson, Aron Wiesenfeld, and john Atkinson Grimshaw, long view distance, epic view, enchanted forest cliffs with a hidden gothic cathedral, breathtaking ancient trees, magical flowers, highly detailed)),   

vines, delicate, soft, fireflies, spiders, spider webs, webs, silk, threads, ethereal, luminous, glowing, dark contrast, celestial, ribbons, trails of light, 3d lighting, soft light, vaporware, volumetric lighting, occlusion, unreal engine 5 128k uhd octane, fractal, pi, fbm, Mandelbrot, splash style of dark fractal paint
Prompt: portrait high definition photograph beautiful woman, very long black ponytail hair, snake helmet,  wearing a peach colored snake skin bodysuit, pear shaped hips, wide thigh gap, fantasy character art, hyper realistic, pretty face, hyperrealism, iridescence water elemental, snake skin armor forest dryad, jungle foliage, wet, moist, 8 k dop dof hdr fantasy character art, turning, looking at camera, view from behind, kim kardashian:,7
Prompt: Woman in white dress, flowers, sailboat, bird flying, Anne Stokes, photorealistic painting, misc-gothic, fantasy art, fantasy artwork, detailed lace, flowing gown, ethereal atmosphere, bird in flight, atmospheric lighting, dark tones, professional, highres, ultra-detailed
Prompt: fantasy dreamy brunette maiden long hair wearing a modest simple dress 
shoulders covered
enchanting painting
Prompt: "a beautiful painting of in the silent, starlit nights, beautiful flower, girl, by greg rutkowski, trending on artstation"
Prompt: a beautiful young woman sitting on a beautiful bridge, in an abandoned white marble statue garden, willow tree, foggy, moss, ivy, calm, high fantasy, cinematic lighting, dramatic, extreme detail, realism, moody, John William Waterhouse, pre-raphaelite
Prompt: How Persephone really looked
Prompt: D&D long black haired female, purple dress
Prompt: "a beautiful painting of in the silent, starlit nights, beautiful flower, girl, by greg rutkowski, trending on artstation"
Prompt: (Female) rays of shimmering light, , Anna Dittmann, hyper detailed, hyperrealism, digital painting, beautiful, radiant, detailed, photorealistic, ethereal, wlop, wlop, matte painting, romanticism, hyperrealism, deviantart, anime character, digital illustration Birthday Card Mockups, player unknown battleground, light blue, diorama, vertex, arnold render, anime, 8k, 360 angle, art by edward munch, light, by atey ghailan
Prompt: (masterpiece) (highly detailed) (top quality) (cinematic shot)  anime style, front view, goddess of dark forest,realistic, instagram able, 1girl with elf ears walking into the forest, reflections, depth of field, 3D illustration, professional work, long hair, blonde hair, centered shot from below, blue dark eyes, cherry blossom dark forest, sunlight background, calling us to folow her.
Prompt: beautiful dark goddess of the night with detailed face walking through a moonlit garden of colorful dead flowers cinematic hyper realistic
Prompt: "winter forest nymph, black leaves, detailed, intricate, surreal, christian schloe art"
Prompt: a beautiful girl in A mysterious forest shrouded in mist, revealing glimpses of mythical creatures and hidden messages, ultra realistic
Prompt: HD 4k 3D professional modeling photo hyper realistic beautiful enchanting forest goddess nymph woman dark hair olive skin green eyes gorgeous face nature magical forest flowers and trees butterflies landscape hd background ethereal mystical mysterious beauty full body
Prompt: fantasy, magical, white, lotus flower, tifa, kimono, ultra detailed artistic photography, light hair, midnight aura, full-body, night sky, detailed gorgeous face, dreamy, glowing, glamour, glimmer, shadows, smooth, ultra high definition
Prompt: Oil painting Queen of the forest and the body dressed by petals, intricate detailed, 8k resolution masterpiece, sharp focus detailed, sf,