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Minor Navarro Fallas

Minor Navarro Fallas


A profile photo twitter.of a astronauta in space making they peace signal in NASA punk anime stile
A profile photo twitter.of a astronauta in spa... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1803445727
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Prompt: astronout
Prompt: astronaut in space suit standing on a rocky surface with planets in the background, intricate design pop art, fortnite skin, dark grey and orange colours, style of cartoon, moutains, bold psychedelic colors, to infinity and beyond, astronaut below, nomad
Prompt: "an astronaut in a space helmet resting on mars in a beach chair at a coffee shop, vibrant lighting, elegant, highly detailed, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, beautiful, geometric, full body, cinematic, artwork by borovikovsky"
Prompt: Color picture, there is an astronaut on the moon. He is floating in the sky with headphones on and listening to music. Behind him is the endless void and stars, the dark side of the moon.
Prompt: an astronaut floating in space around neon planets and stars
Prompt: 2D comicbook style illustration of an alligator in a space suit, sipping coffee, cosmic background, detailed scales and textures, vibrant colors, retro comicbook style, space exploration, quirky character design, astronaut helmet, steaming coffee cup, cosmic adventure, high quality, detailed lines, vibrant colors, retro comicbook, space theme, detailed scales, astronaut helmet, cosmic background, quirky character design
Prompt: space man
Prompt: Retro comic style artwork, simple detailed astronaut, floating through space
Prompt: astronout 2d
Prompt: Retro comic style artwork, simple detailed astronaut, floating through space
Prompt: Astronout, fly, space, rocket, planet, stars, moon, astro cat, helmet, oxygen box, black space, realistic, 3d, black sky, meteorite,
Prompt: astronaut
Prompt: An astronaut sitting in space watches the world break apart
Prompt: floating head in space ketamine abstract starry universe astronaut high resolution hyper realistic big eyes grey alien
Prompt: vaporwave art, astronaut sitting on a floating rock in space, comets flying in the background, sun and moon coming together creating a small explosion, highly detailed, hd, hayao  miyazaki
Prompt: 2d astronout with tom morello' head
Prompt: Guy in space alone
Prompt: Retro comic style artwork, simple detailed astronaut, floating through space
Prompt: astronaut, vaporwave, aesthetic, galaxy
Prompt: cartoon retro themed  astronaut floating  out in space looking  out at the stars
Prompt: A astronaut duck in the Mars, purple sky, reality style, 4k
Prompt: astronaut fighting alien psychedelic background 3440x1440
Prompt: A lone astronaut sitting on a lone comet drifting through space, watching stars pass by, looking up, high quality, {{{masterpiece}}}, traditional art, watercolors, cape, helmet removed,
Prompt: Design a tatto of a spaceman floating with coloful  / relalistic / 4k with planetary background  making i love you sign in sign language