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Keep original image. Enhance with intricate 3D detail
Keep original image. Enhance with intricate 3D... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 736Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 647746027

Original image

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Prompt: Clipart of pipal tree in black and white with DDTI written on the branches and embedded trunk
Prompt: rhizomes nodes networks patterns groups
Prompt: a colorful icon of a succulent in a line botanical drawing on a white background
Prompt: realistic acrylic painting, Soft lighting, eucalyptus tree, shedding bark, close up, background blurred eucalyptus leaves. black and white.
Prompt: a line drawing of headphones with antlers coming out of it
Prompt: draw every single neuron in the brain
Prompt: Neurons pencil drawing detailed
Prompt: Keep original image.  Enhance with intricate 3D detail
Prompt: line art adult coloring page mandala black line art white background centered
Prompt: Time At The Listening Tree Through These Roots Thou Talks To Me For My Ears To See The Sound Of Sight And Eyes To Hear The Voice Of Rite For Soul Is Bound By Hearts True Light And Heart Paints Chord
Prompt: Ash begins with “Tale of the Nine Leaves” the leaves are based upon the 9 emotions: love, joy, 
surprise, fear, sadness, anger, disgust, shame, and pride. They say who ever possess the symbol of a leaf 
are known to have unimaginable power.
Prompt: bones
Prompt: If you imagine and giant tree with a big trunk and many branches. At the end of these branches are many leaves.  Each of these leaves is like one of us. We all share the same growth and direction and are part of the same tree. Yet then some of us are on one branch and others are on another branch. One each branch there are different stems and in each stem there are many different leaves.  These leaves represent our individual uniqueness but we are part of this one dynamic growth and share a common direction and dream. We are all unique expressions of the same infinity.
Prompt: Blossoming Femininity: Create an abstract representation of the female body inspired by the organic forms of flowers. Utilize single lines to capture the delicate and sensual curves, representing the blossoming beauty and inherent femininity. Add more of an emphasis on the flowers.
Prompt: The Inkblot face
Prompt: 1536 is a living plant that was born on the mothership and carries the strange blackness of space back with it to earth. its fermenting shadows crackle and grow like branching limbs. its face is a mark of his crop, the shape in which he and his species were grown in. they perfer to reside underground as it is the closest thing so the environment they grew up in. expertly dispatches unwanted beasts
Prompt: Intricate pencil drawing in black and white, where hands reach out from different directions, trying to grasp at swirling mists and shadows, capturing the essence of embracing the unpredictable nature of insanity.
Prompt: underwater 3D Closeup of a procedural biological construct, humanoid-influence, swimming in translucent biological gel, white blood peach cream indigo fulvous moss asphalt black, by Eustachius, Anatomic Groove, Audra Geras (background theme) infinite depth, swirling Micro bubbles, von karmann vortices, fractal veins, fractal textures, mirrored reflections by Noah Bradley, medical illustration, airbrush on paper, hyperreal, global illumination, volumetric lighting, occlusion, subsurface scattering, Houdini 128K UHD octane render, fBm, fractal, pi