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Superhero - Chocolote Chip Champion
DALL·E 3 - Amusing Superhero


A cinematic still of a super-ultra-giga realistic commercial ad for the "Chocolate Chip Champion", a hero sculpted from gooey chocolate chip cookie dough. Set in a cozy bakery, melted chocolate chips and golden-brown cookie textures define his form. The name "Chocolate Chip Champion" is elegantly presented above in a font that evokes the sweetness and warmth of fresh-baked cookies.
A cinematic still of a super-ultra-giga realist... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024
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Prompt: three pigs sharing a hotdog,surreal,hyperealistic,happy,forceful dusposition
Prompt: A cinematic still of a commercial advertisement for the "Fish & Chips Fighter", a hero constructed from crispy battered fish and golden fries. Set against a coastal British town, he exudes a maritime spirit. Crunchy fish fillets craft his torso, and thick-cut fries form his limbs. Tartar sauce and peas give life to his facial expressions and body nuances. The name "Fish & Chips Fighter" is proudly displayed above in a classic, seaside font.
Prompt: Kermit in McDonald’s
Prompt: A cinematic still of a hyper-realistic commercial advertisement for the "Ramen Ranger", a hero constructed from intricately detailed ramen elements. Set against a misty Tokyo alley, every strand of noodle, with its glossy texture, and the shimmering broth showcase his physique. Chashu pork, with visible grill marks, and bamboo shoots, with their unique fibrous texture, detail his facial features. The name "Ramen Ranger" is prominently displayed at the top of the poster in a steaming, savory font.
Prompt: fartnite
Prompt: A cinematic still of a promo poster containing the text "Pizza Avenger", a hero entirely made of pizza, with impeccable detail, whose entire form is sculpted from pizza elements. Crisp crust delineates his stature, molten cheese flowing as his skin, while various toppings - olives, peppers, and pepperonis - artfully accentuate his facial expressions and body intricacies.
Prompt: Space Wars cinematic
Prompt: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Prompt: Chips and horror
Prompt: Fortnite Garvey
Prompt: A cinematic still of a detailed commercial advertisement featuring the "Bread Baron". He stands heroically against a rustic European village backdrop. Crafted with precision, his form is made of various bread types: sturdy baguettes for limbs, soft brioche for skin, and intricate details like sesame seeds and grains enhancing his facial and body details. The name "Bread Baron" is prominently displayed above him in an elegant font, emphasizing his dominance in the world of bread heroes.
Prompt: fortnite
Prompt: fortnite chapter 7 battle pass season 1 t100
Prompt: A cinematic still of a hyper-realistic commercial advertisement against a sizzling BBQ party backdrop. The "Ribeye Ranger" stands confidently, sculpted entirely from prime ribeye steaks, marbled fat detailing his muscles. The grill marks and juicy textures emphasize his stature and facial intricacies. His superhero equipment features a pair of tongs and a grill shield. A title text prominently highlighting the name "Ribeye Ranger" is placed at the top in an epic-looking font.
Prompt: sensei garmodon
Prompt: fortnite battle royale build battle