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"a monster calls!!!", negative black and white Speedpaint with large brush strokes by , Junji Ito, Ismail Inceoglu, , Gazelli, M.W. Kaluta, richard anderson, paint splatter, white ink, a masterpiece, 8k resolution, trending on artstation, horror, terrifying, highly detailed and intricate
"a monster calls!!!", negative black and white... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 30Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 735435579
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Prompt: Painterly Dark green forest with jagged and cracked trees. Next to it is a smooth hold in the dirt. Make it look like an impressionist painting with lots of texture. 
Prompt: purple lights light up the sky and forms the shape of trees, in the style of creepypasta, comical choreography, shadow play, foampunk, gutai group, 1st version, anamorphic art
Prompt: trees
Prompt: Full moon over forest with bats and an owl in flight.
Prompt: Dark forest with menacing man standing in the distance looking back at the viewer
Prompt: 1536 is a living plant that was born on the mothership and carries the strange blackness of space back with it to earth. its fermenting shadows crackle and grow like branching limbs. its face is a mark of his crop, the shape in which he and his species were grown in. they perfer to reside underground as it is the closest thing so the environment they grew up in. expertly dispatches unwanted beasts
Prompt: A dark and haunting digital painting representing the theme "Why should I wake when I'm half past dead?" with a surreal dreamscape of twisted trees and glowing eyes in the shadows, evoking feelings of uncertainty and the allure of the unknown.
Prompt: Hurry to the ragged wood
For there
I will drive all those
Lovers out and cry
O, my share of the world
O, yellow hair
Prompt: Freehand pencil drawing of Will Byers in the upside-down forest, with giant black slugs that are long, slimy, and scary, dark shadows that are frightening, all in black and white, with giant trees. Will Byers is depicted with his back turned. The drawing must have a lot of detail and be well-focused to capture the elements of the upside-down forest and convey the terrifying atmosphere
Prompt: Hungrytree, masterpiece, Best Quality, noir style
Prompt: A scary photo of a dark spooky haunted fall forest with thick detailed leafy dark trees and thick dark spooky fog mist and dark detailed spooky bushes and shrubs covered by the obscuring thick spooky fog and dark shadows and a thick layer of dark spooky detailed fall leaves obscuring the dirt ground
Prompt: Scary monster at the forest, dark, fog, horns, ghost, neon
Prompt: Deep within a mysterious forest called the Whispering Woods, the trees were so close together that they blocked out the sunlight, creating an eerie darkness even during the day.
Prompt: no leaves
Prompt:  giant black slugs
Prompt: Terrifying image of an Demonic Entity,  Scary,  horrific, terrifying, fear inducing, dangerous, mean, evil, vileperfect composition, hyperrealistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, trending art, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed
Prompt: Densely tangled forest branches by Shaun Tan and Eywind Earle, trending on artstation, evocative, highly detailed. japanese Art Nouveau,  Symbolism, Ornamental, Brad Kunkle
Prompt: Line art, black and white, a blast of wind traveling through the air, spell, magic,  90s fantasy
Prompt: Shade Blackwood
Prompt: Spooky treetops at night with wind blowing the leaves from the trees. Owl in tree. No humans no buildings
Prompt: soul is a dark forest, octane render, cinematic lighting, dynamic, high detail, artstation
Prompt: Make a dreamy deep dark wood
Prompt: Draw a man with a shocked face tangled in bare trees and circled by crows in the style of stanley donwood in full colour