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embossed moche art mandelbrot
embossed moche art mandelbrot [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1456Height: 816

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Prompt: color pattern circles shaped head vector, in the style of fanciful visionary, illusionary composition, multicultural, sculpted multi-dimensional graffiti collage, blue brown bronze yellow muted green black
Prompt: vector layers of interweaving aliens
Prompt: embossed moche art mandelbrot
Prompt: Color Palette: Predominantly turquoise, with subtle hints of gold. The image contains various shades ranging from deep, oceanic turquoise to lighter, aqua shades. The color is radiant, capturing the essence of light and luminosity in a photo-realistic quality.  Forehead Details: The skin of the forehead has a mesmerizing deep turquoise tone with intricate, detailed patterns resembling ripples or waves. The center of the forehead has a contrasting gold emblem or tattoo, adding depth and intrigue.  Surrounding Texture: Encasing the forehead, there are water droplets or dew formations. This watery texture gives a sense of freshness and enhances the theme of an ocean or aquatic environment. The sharpness and clarity of these droplets further emphasize the focus on minute details.  Lighting: The image uses dramatic lighting, highlighting the surface of the forehead and the droplets. This results in a glossy effect, especially evident on the skin, lending it a refreshed or hydrated look.  Depth & Focus: The depth of field is shallow, with the main focus on the center of the forehead and the immediate surrounding area, causing the peripheral sections to gradually blur, drawing the viewer's attention straight to the forehead.  Mood & Atmosphere: The overall style exudes a sense of calm, serenity, and perhaps even a touch of mysticism. The aquatic theme, combined with the intense glow, might evoke emotions of tranquility, meditation, and introspection.
Prompt: This image portrays a fantastical female figure with a vibrant fusion of human and animalistic traits. She has three mesmerizing eyes, two of which are centrally positioned above her human-like eyes. Her face is adorned with intricate patterns and radiant colors, and she is surrounded by swirling elements reminiscent of both flora and fauna.
Prompt: A face with eyes of mythic beauty, all blue tones, gold, silver, copper mettallic Black Background Ripples Digital Photograph 3 D Digital Art Photo Fantasy Art Intricate Equisite Elegant Realism Twinkling Sparkles color filigree ripples hyper detail, 3D, 8 K, UHD, realism Fantasy Art
Prompt: stylized psychedelic face of a woman in black, in the style of light silver and light gold, noir comic art, hyperrealistic murals, dc comics, mechanical designs, charming realism, chicano-inspired
Prompt: Layer 1 [streamolicious, dreamscape, state of the art, morphing, shapehifting] Layer 2 [Every person is a puzzle. Some are missing a few jigsaw pieces; others are missing almost everything. But each and every person can be harvested to construct a totus anima mea, or "whole soul," which provides everlasting life to whomever possesses it]
Prompt: A captivating face of an Asian woman takes shape from a concoction of radiant gold and lively teal. Whirling designs envelope her face, mirroring her contours and accentuating her striking blue eyes that appear to hold myriad secrets. Glistening gold drips from her eyes, suggesting the sorrows of an age-old spirit.